Have Friend in USA thinking about Trucking

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    Well, a friend I have in America, via discord, whom I know from playing ATS and ETS on the weekends, and is thinking about becoming a trucker for reals, and joining the rest of us crazy people on the road.
    His 22, and lives in IL...
    I do know, some companies offer paid training etc, if not most to get your CDL A.

    Question being, what companies up there, offer such course, where they pay for you to get your CDL A, and home every night?

    Cheers guys. (just a question, and im not one to tell someone not to give it a shot, he does work on cars in his spare time, so his no stranger to trucking)
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    We do have a "trucker for reals" section . Moving thread .
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    Send him to see these guys

    #1 trucker school
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    Sign his wife up while he’s at it
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    Any job with tuition reimbursement. Get cdl from local technical college. Local companies are hiring right out of truck driving school.
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    I have just one word.


    (Channeling 'The Graduate')
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    I’m really shocked this didn’t work out. :speechless2:
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    SWIFT...not a surprise. Both Swift and CRST are banned from many shippers/receivers because they don't want their drivers backing into something or over someone.
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    See What I :censored2:ed up Today
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    Uber freight trucking
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    Walmart requires a 2 year min experience.. if they go by that, who knows, I called and asked, but even though I have 14 years driving trucks (13 years b-double, and 1 years single).. it needs to be 2 years american CDL class A, and must be living in america for 2 years as well. (I asked the ex if she could confirm, and she did.. sadly)