Have other management retirees been hit with the Multi Employer Offset ???

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by coolbrez, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Just curious if there are any other Partners out there who were denied the promised Full Early Retirement ?? The promise that your years as a Teamster, before going into management would not effect your early retirement check. One of the reasons I finally left the Teamsters and went over to supervision. I am being shorted about 20% of my promised full pension because according to our Corporate office, "we don't do that anymore." UPS doesn't pay you the amount of your Teamsters retirement till you start receiving it from the Teamsters at age 64. I was hit with a Multi Employer Offset !!!! Anyone else screwed out their by your "Partners" ???
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    If I was, I did not catch it. I had 40 years in ... after 35 years in, things get better in some areas.

    Were you hired after 1977 contract?
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    Do you mean the 1976 contract after the strike? I started in 1977 and just missed the big strike.
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    Yep, meant 1976 contract.
    There was language in there that UPS would recognize all years before that as fully funded for P/T.
    Of course, that was for teamsters but UPS use to give management anything that drivers got.
    I don't know if this is applicable but it did come to mind.
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    I started in 1975, so I went through 2 strikes ( not a fun time as either a Teamster or a supervisor), I retired 2010. So, I was spent 13 years as a Teamster and 22 years as a supervisor. The issue is my Full pension award was reduced about 20% because of my years as a Teamster; at least I got full credit for all 35 years towards my medical insurance. However, my Partners who retired earlier than I had no "deduction" of "offset". Just curious to know if our company didn't keep their promise to other Partners, I really don't know but a few guys who survived till retirement. A class action would need a lot of people screwed I would imagine.
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    I don't know whether I did or not.

    How do you know this applies to you?

    ​Did UPS retirement tell you this?
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    When you get your retirement calculations from corporate it is there in black and white. The only people who would be effected would be management retirees who were Teamsters. How many people is that these days....not many, if any at all. The question "back in the day" was, would my early retirement check be reduced because of my years as a Teamster. I was told by all my interviewers.... no. One of my partners lives near me, he was 17 years a Teamster, became a supervisor, then manager. He retired with a full 35 year early retirement at 55. UPS covers the Teamsters part of the retirement until 64 when you get the check from the Teamsters. If it weren't for this, nobody would have left the Teamsters for management if you were vested. I was just wondering if anyone else out there was in my situation. I doubt anyone in their right mind would go to management now from the Teamsters, there is no advantage as there was in the 70's and 80's.
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    I was a Teamster for about 5 years and every retiree I know was a Teamster without exception.

    This was my scenario

    ​I agree on that and you see the effect.
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    Once you pass 10 years as a Teamster there is an adjustment upon your retirement benefit. Since Hoaxster was a teamster for 5 years he did not see an adjustment.