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  1. 00bmw323

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    so im having a baby soon and want to know if UPS gives you time off for the birth, or after birth..not using my vacation. also how do i put my baby on my insurance?
  2. City Driver

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    no, you have to work until you go into labor
    they have a doctor on call and you have to deliver in the back of a package car

    they give you 5 minutes to rest and wipe up and then its back to work

    it also counts as your break, so you should eat while giving birth
  3. 00bmw323

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    im a guy...im not the one having the baby
  4. City Driver

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    i think you can file for FMLA then

    sorry im such a smartass
  5. 00bmw323

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    where would i get the paperwork?
  6. dilligaf

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    WOW an admission of guilt is rare of a UPSer. Mark this in the calendar, and for you Driver, 10 Hail Mary's.

    And never admit guilt again!:rofl:
  7. City Driver

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    well my stewards here at my house, he recommended i come clean before i get myself into even more trouble
  8. dilligaf

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    As long as your steward was present at the time of admission then you should be ok. :happy-very:
  9. MechanicForBrown

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    you can call your local Hr and get an application for FMLA and give it to your wife/girlfriend/fiancé's doctor to fill out and when she goes out to deliver you can use up to 12 full weeks. And you can only do this if you qualify. The following may help a bit,.............


    Just go to this site and you can get all the information you'll need.

    When my wife went out to deliver our son I took 2 weeks off under said FMLA. Hope this Helps.:peaceful:
  10. bubsdad

    bubsdad "Hang in there!"

    My son was born before I became brown but I was told that most states have paternity leave that works just like maternity leave. Don't know if your state has this but you might want to check it out. Congrats on the baby!
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Get a clear understanding on FMLA when you have to start paying for your benefits. In my case in was after 4 weeks. Took 3 weeks and 4 days so it was not ~$1500 out of pocket.
  12. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    When you apply for FMLA be sure to take it as INTERMITTENT. This will allow you to take time off for the birth as well as doctor appointments and such later in the year as needed.
  13. Bubblehead

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    I recommend that you get some documentation from the hospital stating you are the father.
    I've seen others as well as myself tripped up getting the baby on benefits for this reason.
  14. 1989

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    How much time off do you want? I'm sure you can get a week off without any action taken.
  15. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Article 16 Section 4. Maternity and Paternity Leave
    It is understood that maternity leave for female employees shall be granted
    with no loss of seniority for such period of time as her doctor shall determine
    that she is physically unable to return to her normal duties and maternity
    leave must comply with applicable state and federal laws.

    A light duty request, certified in writing by a physician, shall be granted in
    compliance with state or federal laws, if applicable.

    Paternity leave shall be granted in accordance with Section 6 of this Article
    with the exception of employees not able to meet the qualifications set out in
    Section 6, who shall be granted leave not to exceed one (1) week.

    Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in any Supplement, Rider, or
    Addenda, an employee shall be allowed to designate in any vacation year
    paid time off up to twenty (20) days, to be used in the next vacation year, in
    accordance with this paragraph. Any paid time off that is provided on a
    weekly basis can only be banked in weekly increments. The accrued paid
    time off may be used in the next vacation year to cover any period of time
    that (1) the employee is determined to be unable to perform her job due to
    pregnancy (for the father, time off is requested due to the birth) and (2) is not
    covered by the FMLA, existing disability plans or other paid time off. If the
    accrued time off is not used in that year, it will be paid to the employee
    within two (2) weeks of the request. If the vacation is not used as part of the
    leave, and it would have originally been taken in that vacation year, the
    employee shall also have the option of rescheduling the unused vacation as
    time off in accordance with local practice.

    Section 6. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    All employees who have worked for the Company for a minimum of twelve
    (12) months and worked at least 1250 hours during the past twelve (12)
    months are eligible for unpaid leave as set forth in the Family and Medical
    Leave Act of 1993.

    Additionally, any employee not covered above, that has worked for the
    Company for a minimum of thirty-six (36) months and accrued at least 625
    paid hours during the past twelve (12) months is eligible for unpaid leave as
    set forth below, except that the amount of leave allowed will be computed at
    one half (1/2) of the time provided by the FMLA.

    Eligible employees are entitled up to a total of 12/6 weeks of unpaid leave
    during any twelve (12) month period for the following reasons:

    1. Birth of a child;

    2. Adoption, or placement for foster care;

    3. To care for a spouse, child, or parent of the employee due to a serious
    health condition;

    4. A serious health condition of the employee.

    The employee�s seniority rights shall continue as if the employee had not
    taken leave under this section, and the Employer will maintain health
    insurance coverage during the period of the leave.

    The Employer may require the employee to substitute accrued paid vacation
    or other paid for leave for part of the 12/6 week leave period.

    The employee is required to provide the Employer with at least thirty (30)
    days advance notice before FMLA leave begins if the need for leave is
    foreseeable. If the leave is not foreseeable, the employee is required to give
    notice as soon as practicable. The Employer has the right to require medical
    certification of a need for leave under this Act. In addition, the Employer has
    the right to require a second (2nd) opinion at the Employer�s expense.

    The provisions of this section are in response to the Federal Act and shall not
    supersede any state or local law which provides for greater employee rights.
  16. JonFrum

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    Hoaxster, doesn't FMLA require the employer to pay health care premiums for the entire leave? Or are you talking about benefits other than health care?
  17. Monkey Butt

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    There were other benefits and the employee portion of the health benefits but maybe I misunderstood the total amount for the period being $1500... that was back in 2003 and I can barely remember what happened last week much less over 5 years ago. :wink2:

    Still suggest you understand up front.