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    We just got a new sony KLV 32M1 lcd tv and a new hdtv motorola cable box.
    The instructions say to connect the cable from the wall to my cable box to my vcr/dvd player, to the tv.Are all those inputs on the back of the tv totally useless?Will I see true hdtv with this configuration? I`m just wondering if theres a better way.I have to call to have the box activated and give them the pin and serial #and I`d like to have it hooked up right when I do.Any advice would be nice.
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    HDTV and Cable Connections

    Ok, for HDTV you should find two choices on your cable box. One connection called DVI or HDMI. It looks sort of like a long slit about an inch in length. You should also find one of these on your cable box. Connect the DVI or HDMI cable OUT from your cable box to your DVI / HDMI in on your Sony. If you do not have this type of connection, your next best option for HD would be to use the "Component" connections. This is a series of three color video cables typicall Blue, Yellow and Magenta i think (I'm fairly color blind) :)

    The BEST HD connection from Cable or DVD player will be the DVI or HDMI. This will give you TRUE HD. Second best would be the component connections.
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    That Sony does NOT have it's own hdtv tuner, so at the very least you will have to run it through the cable box, and yes, you will see true hdtv. Whether or not you run it through the VCR is really up to you, it's not necessary unless you plan on recording a lot of on air broadcasts. Personally I would run it straight from the cable box to the TV. All the inputs on the back of your TV are nice to have, but if you have a decent Home theatre receiver you probably won't need them, as you can hook all your components (VCR, DVD, Xbox,) to the receiver, and use that to switch between components, which is generally better(easier)than using the menu on the TV to switch inputs. Hope this helps.
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    So DS, it's been 5 years. How's that tv working?
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    If you read the instructions, you'll find only with an HDMI cable will you truely get HDTV.

    They are expensive at future shop or bestbuy... (around $40).

    But, it's the price to pay, or wait and get one on e-bay (I paid $12 on e-bay).

    And like above (deliverman said).... I don't think you'll get true HDTV if you run it thru the VCR first, you'll lose it.
    TV needs to be hooked up directly with the HD cable box (thru HDMI cable).
    I sure hope you bought a DVR and not just an HD cable box (no need for VCR anymore).
    The sound system is hooked up seperatly right to the TV, the VCR you probably could hook up on cable box, too (or maybe TV) not sure.
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    I thought the dead only came back during Easter?
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    It still works well.I recently had to get a new cable box that had HDMI compatibility and the cable company insisted they do not support it, but it works just fine.I really want a bigger one but its just not a necessity right now.
    I'm glad you brought this thread back,theres a new hi-def option here,An antennae
    that you hook up instead of cable.A few people I know bought one for $60 and you get up to 28 HDTV channels if you live in the Toronto area because they are all broadcast from the CN tower.
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    If a UPS manager had helped you, you would have gotten this resolved years earlier
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    I had one of these before Charter launched their HD service. I got it from Radio Shack for $50 and it worked surprisingly well. You had to adjust it for each and every station but it was free so I guess I couldn't complain. I gave it to my daughter after I got my HD cable box and she still uses it as there are more off the air HD channels in Albany than here in Plattsburgh.
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    Who's that deliver_man guy? He seems really smart :rolleyes: