Over 70’s being disciplined

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    So I had an over 70lb package last week that i didn’t attempt I sent a message at 16:15 requesting help for the package. I was told that there was no one to come help me and instructed to use my hand cart. I sent a message saying that I can’t safely put the package on a hand cart. I was told to continue delivering until they found someone. So I let 35mins go by and send another message requesting help on the over 70. I didn’t get a response, so I continued to deliver for another 10 stops out of the 20 I had left. I finally get a message saying to have the customer help me load the package on my hand cart and deliver the package. So I drive to the stop knock on the door and it’s a pregnant women In her 2nd trimester. I askes her if she could help “work as instructed” she laughs and tells me no. I told her I will finished my other 9 stops and come back when Ups sends me help. So I leave and deliver the rest of the packages I have minus the over 70. When I finished my last stop I sent a message asking if they were going to send me help for the package or how they would like me to sheet it up.. I waited 15-20mins for a response but never received one. At this point I decided to bring the package back to the center. I find a steward”witness” and bring him in the office with me and ask how they want it sheeted. I was told to sheet it as missed. Okay awesome. Take my 50 and then punch out.

    The next morning I have a posted note Saying for me to find a steward and speak to the center manager. So we go up stairs to talk to the fat doughnut eater and he tells me I could have delivered the package w.o any help. And that he is taking this to panel to have me terminated. No verbal no warning letter just straight panel.. over kill right??

    So needless to say I went to deliver the package that day and got hurt.. flipped over my handcart and messed up my left leg. I now have nerve damage from my left knee down. Went to the E.R and everything..

    So what grievances can I all file? Law suit maybe?? I’m currently on taw but they have me driving and not doing office work. So I’m basically driving a driver around as he completes his stops.

    Btw our center manger was instructed to settle all grievances b4 the new contract goes into affect. I have about 50 or more grievances for supervisors working. About 15-20 grievances for non seniority drivers driving on Monday’s. Also about 30-40 grievances for air drivers delivering ground packages. I feel they are trying to fire me so they don’t have to pay me on these grievances. Not to mention I have 10 grievances for harassment from supervisors and 3 grievances on center manager for harassment.. is there any legal action I can take? Or should I just stop filing grievances?

    Any input is welcomed even you jokesters

    Since I know this is goin to be asked the package weighed 73.8 lbs (box weight) and labeled said 71lbs and it was a freezer.
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    Umm what does that exactly mean?
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    Gonna get paid!!
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    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    ARTICLE 44. OVER 70 POUND SERVICE PACKAGE HANDLING The parties agree that the health and safety of the employees are of the utmost importance. The Employer agrees that UPS management will not insist that any unsafe action be undertaken and the Union agrees to encourage its members to cooperate in effectuating the handling, pick-up and delivery of parcels without exposing themselves to safety hazards.

    Section 1. On Area Package Handling No employee shall be required to handle any over 70 pound packages alone if it is the employee’s good faith belief that such handling would be a safety hazard to herself or himself. In such cases, the Employer shall provide whichever of the following is requested in good faith by the employee in handling over 70 pound packages:

    1. Another bargaining unit employee for assistance, or
    2. Appropriate lifting/handling devices, or
    3. Another bargaining unit employee and an appropriate lifting/handling device for handling, pick-up or delivery circumstances that require both bargaining unit help and an appropriate lifting/handling device.
  6. Oceanview

    Oceanview Active Member

    I guess I need to file an additional grievance cuz it was in my good faith I couldn’t safely deliver the package and he said I could have which was a question of my integrity..
  7. babboo25

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    It means nothing, you have to be in the brown cafe clique to think that’s funny. Why did you take your lunch at the building and at the end of the day?
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  8. JL 0513

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    OP, in all seriousness, do you have a physical impairment? I assume you don't, after all, the center manager thought you should be able to do it yourself. Are you required? No. At the same time, a 73 lb pkg shouldn't be any problem for any driver that doesn't have an unusual condition. Even an irregularly shaped one. We all handle 150's by ourselves. Not trying to be mean.

    It's also crazy that you ultimately got seriously hurt after all this. Plus you've got a list of grievances a mile long that puts a big target on your back. I've been with UPS 12 years, I've never filed a grievance. Interestingly enough, I'm never bothered.

    Here's a 123 lb little girl deadlifting 545 lbs for your inspiration.

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  9. Poop Head

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    Damn dude. You're a boss. But bad move trying to deliver it the next day. Shoulda filed a harassment grievance when you were threatened with discipline/ termination. Like @burrheadd said, lawyer up and get payed!!
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  10. Oceanview

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    I take all my breaks and lunch at end of day unless I’m told I need to go help a driver then I take it after my last stop..
  11. atlastitan

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    In the hub we flip packages all over the place. Even ones over 80lbs. Did you intend to keep the box in immaculate condition? lol. But I hope you get better and get compensation.
  12. PappyLand

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    Congratulations on delivering your first over 70! Sue someone!
  13. Oceanview

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    I had back surgery 3 years ago and I’m only 28 if the contract says over 70 I can get help I always ask for help.. the buyer paid for 2 people to deliver the package I don’t see the big deal.. just trying to save my body from unnecessary strain.

    I know right the irony that i got hurt delivering that package!? Who would have thought it was a possibility?? Ooh wait, I did hence why i asked for help in the first place. You’ve been with ups for 12 years and never filed a grievance? Don’t take this the wrong way but it sounds like you’re a yes man and most likely didn’t vote?? Am I right or am i right?
  14. Oceanview

    Oceanview Active Member

    I’m a hero at my Center..
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  15. Oceanview

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    I just want ups to follow the rules that’s all I really want..
  16. Oceanview

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    Sounds like a good early retirement plan + long term disability
  17. Poop Head

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  18. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    What was the package?
  19. Oceanview

    Oceanview Active Member

    A freezer
  20. sikidiki

    sikidiki Active Member

    Are you there to work and earn money? Or file grievances? We have a "few" people like you at our center. Seeing as you have 30-40 grievances to file thats pretty crazy. I have delivered +70 pound packages without an issue, i had to deliver a freaking mini recliner up 3 sets of stairs, man up and deliver the stuff and stop being a rulebook.
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