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    I wanted to see what everyone else here thinks about this. I know there has been some UPSers here that have been around for a very long time.

    I just saw that our wonderful health insurance doesnt cover immunizations after your child turns 6 years old, per Central States web site. This is who we deal with for our health insurance. My problem is I now have to pay $624 out of pocket for my daughter to get her HPV shots. That is $204 per shot and she has to get them in April, June and Dec of this year. When I called the fund they said well if she became ill or got cancer the would cover her up to a million dollars. Well why not pay for the shots that way you do not have to pay out if she does get cancer. I had cervical cancer and that is something I would not wish on my daughter.

    I am writing a letter to the board for the insurance company. I think others should too. My husband and other UPSers work there tails off to cover families with health insurance. I think this is something that needs to be changed.
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    Have you checked with the DR if the insurance will cover it? I know what you reading but those shots could be covered under someother portion of your health insurance . Have you called the Central States Funds and talk to a person about this.
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    Please do not take this the wrong way, I am not suggesting anything except a possible answer as to why the insurance company will not pay for these shots(if indeed they won't). The CDC says the the most common source for the HPV is from sexual activity. My guess is the insurance company is using that as an excuse not to cover the cost of the shot series. As UPSGUY72 said, talk to a live person at the insurance company (BCBS?) and to your doctors business admin.
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    Your a pervert!:angry:
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    I don't think he is a pervert. That is a great possibility. Central States said NO! NO! NO! They wont even cover her flu shot because she is over the age of 6. They said anyone over the age of 6 is not covered for shots. Wow!!! They said they would cover her if she got cervical cancer. How crazy is that. Looks like I will fork out the money on this one. I had cervical cancer, which was caught a month after I went in for uterine cancer. I had my uterus removed when I was 21. It was 4 weeks later when the test came back on the uterus. This is something I do not want my daughter to go through. I opted for a hysterectomy which was what I wanted.
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    According to the link below, 96% of insurance plans cover Gardasil. On this page, there is also an embedded link to Merck and they have some programs to help cover the cost if your insurance doesn't cover it.

    In my state, the governor was trying to get this vaccine made mandatory for girls attending public schools. He hasn't been successful yet but it's become such a common vaccine that insurance should cover it. A dose of vaccine is much less expensive than treating the illness that could have been prevented.

    Good luck with the insurance company.