Heartfelt prayers and best wishes requested

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    I heard today that one of our brothers (also a steward) had an extremely serious crash on his way to work yesterday. From what I pieced together through the rumor mill, an animal ran across his path while he was on his motorcycle and when he swerved to avoid it, lost control and crashed.

    The last I heard, he was in intensive care and was in an out of consciousness. I've heard the injuries include multiple broken ribs, a broken collar bone, a broken leg and extreme damage to one eye.

    To sum up the type of steward he is, I've always gone to him with my problems because he's someone that takes management head on for the drivers. He doesn't beat around the bush and calls managements 'bull' when he hears about it.

    The ironic part is, he's part of the safety committee and the day previously had a skateboard tied to a rope with a baby doll on the skateboard. He then proceeded to hide behind his truck and toss the skateboard and doll out in front of our vehicles leaving the building to make us think a bit more about how much responsibility we have to the public to drive safely.

    On a positive note, it has been said that he'll make a recovery but I get the feeling it will be a long one and our center will surely miss him for the time he's away.

    Get well soon, bro. :peaceful:
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    My best wishes to his family.
    My blessings and prayers to him.
    Recovery is a b#tch.

    And for all of us...a higher sense of vigilance to safety.

    This is a man that made safety a priority as indicated by Mike23.

    We could easily send a motorcycle rider to the ICU or the morgue.
    And it could be one of us on the bike.

    Luck is not a factor when it comes down to it.
    We control our vehicles and we cannot assume that others have the same control of their vehicle.

    And if I sound like I am preaching, I am guilty.

    The injuries indicated suggest internal damage and brain injury.
    I am speaking from experience. I was this person 5 years ago in the ICU after a motorcycle crash.
    And yes, my head was wrapped in an Arai Helmet.
  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I hope he has a speedy recovery.
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    Hope he has a full recovery. My prayers are with the family

    NHDRVR New Member

    Good Luck and Godspeed...
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    I pray that he's OK..

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    That is so sad. My prayers are with him.
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    My prayers and best wishes to him and his family.
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    Best wishes he comes through this ok.
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    Hope he is doing well. Anyone have an update?
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    Prayers sent.