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    Hello fellow BC's ppl. Just want to take a minute and say i really like this site with lots of helpful information. I am not an employee of Brown yet but hoping to catch on. I have my first interview on Feb 2 in Parsippany, NJ for a handler position. I recently resigned from FedEx Express after almost 15 years as a Team Leader at their Newark Hub running their air operations. Its been a very long time since i even went on a interview for any job. With reading over the UPS process this is a little new so im a bit nervous, but hope it all works out for the best.

    Thanks for ur time
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    Good luck !!
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    Yes Good Luck, hope you get it!! Show up on time, leave your phone in the car. Dont wear a ball cap, say you will take any position, and tell them you know how to work, then do it, you are in.