Hello brown cafe!


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Im new to the cafe and I wanted to say Hi!I'm a Part Time PDS.Ok I wanna hear it!What do you guys think of PDS's?cmon tell me:cool::wink::cool:


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im new here too was a driver for 19 years and have been a clerk for the past year..and nope i dont know what a PDS is either..:)


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Im a Part Time Package Dispatch Supervisor.The Part Time Version of the new Dispatch Supervisor.The guys that do the driver stop counts in PAS now


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Thanks for registering and letting us know what you do for Brown. I wish everyone would register and give a general job description and part of the world they are from. That would give everyone a good idea about where your point of view comes from. Its okay to be anonymous, I have actually posted with my real name after dressing my dog in a uniform shirt and I live about thirty miles from Corporate Headquarters! So far no repercussions after a few of my comments, they even gave me a new P700 a few months ago. By the way, my Center went on EDD Tuesday, very impressive when routes are set up right and preload gets down in reasonable time.:thumbup1:


Glad to have you here,theres all kinds of different upsers in here.I`m looking forward to your responses to some of the drivers that do 60 hr weeks because of constant overdispatching,misloads,missorts,bad splits,not founds,air in load,etc,etc,etc.
Not crazy about your name, PDSPuke doesn`t foster much credibility.


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PDSPuke is a nickname my preload manager "lovingly" gave me and my other Dispatch counterparts.He really thinks if we dont physically work on the preload,we dont do anything for the company:tongue_sm


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Hey Puke; We have had our pds for over a year now, and she is doing a pretty good job. She is finally realizing that if she listens to the drivers regarding our areas, and works on the little things that she can do to make our job a little easier, that things really can go alot smoother.


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We have both a full and part pds the part one tries the full time one acts as if he is listening then is a great back stabber I have heard him talk of drivers that one guy ran real good on Mon &Tues so he gave him more on Wed when he did good on that he increased again on Thurs then the fulltime pds laughed because after increasing again on Fri the driver ran into a wall and didnot perform the same, once again a driver does a good job so managers run him into the ground instead of making fair work loads