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Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by CBUK, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. CBUK

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    Hi there.

    Just a quick hello from the U.K

    I just signed up a couple of days ago.

    I work as a full time Package Car Driver at the Bury St Edmunds Centre in England. I've been there for nearly 10 years and given our high turnover of staff that makes me one of the old boys.

    Its great to read through the threads on here and see that some things are the same the world over. There are loads of myths banded about over here about what UPS is like in the USA and how things are not quite the same in the UK.

    I'm sure I will find some things out on here. I've not come across any other UK members on here yet. Are there any?

    Wherever you are in the world I just want to say Hi from the East of England.
  2. area43

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    Hello and Welcome aboard CBUK, Always nice to hear someone from another country. As far as other members from the UK. Yes, their is the UK Guy, he is from california, but grew up in the UK. He got fired for choking on a taco and drinking beer in the sups office. The guy was a little wild(to put it lightly). I havent seen him posting in awhile. Who knows? Theres also other UK members, Check the members list at the top. If you like, you can click on their name and go to the history of their post. This is a great feature at the BC site. It gives you a little insight on the individual. Thanks for joining us. Let the posting begin. ( :
  3. DS

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    hey mate,I`m from Canada and my heritage
    is related to those grave robbers Burke and Hare.
    My Grandmother was from Edinburgh...My grandfather
    Was in the first British submarine in the royal canadian navy
    I loved my visit to Britain and hope to go back someday soon.
    gwan then
  4. tonyexpress

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    Welcome to the Browncafe!!

    There are many people here from all over hope you enjoy posting and hanging out.:thumbup1:
  5. scratch

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    CBUK, Welcome to the Brown Cafe and thanks for registering. We do have a few English guys on here. I hope that you keep posting on here, we like to know how The Company does business over there in your neck of the woods.:wink:
  6. CBUK

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    DS. My family are all from Scotland, from a town called Dunfermline just over the Forth Bridge from Edinburgh.

    Thanks for the welcome, I will get more involved in postings if I see anything I can comment on. Equally if you have any questions on UPS over here in the UK please feel free to ask.
  7. dutchups

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    And also a welcome from the Netherlands!!

    Indeed there are simular tales and problems all over the UPS world I`ve noticed.

    But a lot of things sound strange to me when compared to UPS Holland, seniority and other union related topics for instance..

  8. HazMatMan

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    Whatever happened to the UK GUY?? did he get his job back???
  9. helenofcalifornia

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    So, is it true?? Prince William got back with his girlfriend?
  10. HazMatMan

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    Lucky he got money, cause he certainly don't have any looks.....
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    Haz, UK GUY did get his job back. That other GUY sure had his hands full tutoring that GUY(no pun intended,that sounds weird,lol) he was a real "loose cannon". There was so much Blue in that thread, it was like a flash blub going off every couple minutes. Dude, I was seeing dots for days. Hes avators were pretty interesting, especially when he was burning that paper with "raws" name on it. Raw, I felt for you, dude. That was totally uncalled for. Later, A4(its a miss)
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  12. Raw

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    I thought it was funny, wish he still had it showing!!
  13. CBUK

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    I have no idea what Prince William is up to
  14. area43

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  15. DS

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    CBUK...here in Toronto they just opened a new park
    in commemoration of the hardships faced by the
    Irish immigrants that were welcomed here way back
    in the 1840's...I know its not ups related but I thought
    youd see it here and not if I posted it elsewhere.
  16. JohnnyPension

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    Hi Dutchups
    My Mom was born in Maastricht and came to the US after the war. She has since moved back to the Netherlands. She is always telling me about the UPS trucks she sees there. I have been there many times (mostly for Carnival when I was single in the old days). People there know how to PARTY!. Carnival was the most fun I have ever had. I have recently retired after 26 years (17 as a driver). I am now living the good life in sunny and hot Arizona thanks to my UPS pension. Welcome to the Brown Cafe!

  17. Sammie

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    Welcome, CBUK!

    Hope you enjoy the site and hope you don't mind a question or two.

    I've heard about these and wondered if you've ever been to a cheese rolling or a Morris dance?
  18. Brownnblue

    Brownnblue Active Member

    Hearts Hearts Glorious Hearts!!!!

    Oh some say that Celtic & Rangers are grand...

  19. CBUK

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    Sammie. Hard to tell if you are winding me up but in answer to your question, Yes I have seen Morris Dancers in action. I grew up in a small village and thats the sort of attraction you see at the village carnival in the Summer. Its an English tradition but a bit of a dying art.

    As for cheese rolling, not a hot sport round where I live. More of a west country thing I would say.

    Brownblue, I've watched the Heart of Midlothian play soccer. My dads a big Dunfermline Athletic fan and he took me to see them play when I was younger.

    My god, I've made England sound like a weird place!!!
  20. Sammie

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    Now CBUK, I would never bust the chops of a newcomer!!! Those were serious questions.

    Your British magazine Punch was the best. Too bad it's no longer published.

    And, of course, Thank You Britain for the likes of such eye candy as "when they were younger" Peter O'Toole, James Mason, Terence Stamp, Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine (heart be still on that one) and the here and now of Hugh Laurie, Paul Bettany, Jude Law, the scrumptious Clive Owen,...oh my.... Talk about the The Land Of The Handsome Brutes!!!!:tongue_sm