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    • [*=left]so a couple of questions.

      [*=left]DO i need to shave for a package handler interview. im kind of scruffy but doesn't look too bad i mite trim, but just want to know if i have to shave completely.

      [*=left]WHAT questions do they ask you?

      [*=left]How can i prepare for the interview?

      [*=left]Is it an easy interview process?

      [*=left]Do you get trained once hired..and lastly,,do any of you love your job..cause im very excited to be working here if all go's well!!
      [*=left]please give sincerer feedback, don't respond if you aren't gonna be helpful.
    thank you guys! hope to be apart of the UPS team:group-hug: lol​
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    I shaved, wore a tie dress shirt and khakis. I was the only one in the initial group interview who did so. I wanted to stand out and look neat and presentable.
    The first "interview" was a group of people. HR reps described the job and took us on a tour of the facility. We were taken outside one at time and asked if we were interested and if so, a second interview was scheduled. That interview was a one on one with an HR person and the questions were pretty standard. What is your schedule and when are you available, why do you want to work for UPS, what would your former (or current) co-workers say about you etc, why would UPS want to hire you. After that interview, I think I got a call in a couple of days saying they wanted to move forward in hiring me and I had to give an authorization for a background check. Once all that was done, I think I got an email telling me to report on such and such day. Oh, training was a couple of hours of watching videos and taking quizzes. The first day of actual work, I was unloading trucks and have been doing so since then.
    Be confident, sincere and polite.
    I felt it was fairly easy to interview.

    I am a package handler, was hired in October of 2011 and can honestly say I love my job. I don't make a lot of money of course, but I have lost about 30 pounds, I am a lot healthier, I am 47 years old so this is the best paid for exercise I have ever had. I like the group of guys I work with, and I like getting paid to exercise. I have worked in the corporate world for over 25 years and am currently a full time college student obtaining my degree, I have found this to be the best part time job while in school. I don't have to think while doing it and I can "study" in my head while working.

    For the first two weeks, I and the other new hires met with a safety person for the first ten or so minutes of our shifts. At that time, the methods were re-iterated and any questions we had about the work we were doing were answered. I have followed the methods in lifting and moving and lowering and thankfully other than being sore have remained injury free. I say this because again, I am older. My joints are older and I was very out of shape, having never worked a physical job before. The first month or so I felt like I wanted to throw up for the first hour of each shift. I did not think I would be able to hack it. I always got help with any package over 70 pounds and was exhausted at the end of every shift. I can say my shop built us up slowly by graduating us to heavier lines at a reasonable pace. At this point, my strength has increased quite a bit, I have no problems lifting irregulars over a hundred pounds, I no longer feel like throwing up and I can get through a heavy shift very easily.

    Good luck. I am glad I applied for and took this job. I like it.
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    You might as well stay home.

    UPS watches this site for lame posts. You hit a homer.
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    In rereading your post, I see that you want only helpful advice.

    Click here.
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    what do you think the right thing to do for this interview is. I think you should go in looking like a dirt bag . ,
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    From looking around at the part timers in my building; it would seem that piercings, tattoos, and multicolored hairstyles are what they're looking for.
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    Cellphones too. Make sure you check your Facebook several times during the interview!
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    When I went in for an interview, I wore a dress shirt, khakis and a pair of formal shoes. There were 6 of us and they were all wearing jeans, sweater and others wore baggy pants. I was the only one that got hired, go figure.

    It is an easy interview process. They will ask you questions about teamwork, give an example of your experience, have you ever worked similar to package handling and all that good stuff. Ez squeezy.

    PS: I hope you still get excited after a couple weeks.
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    wow!! you made my nerves all go away.because i have experience with stock rooms and unloading mcdonalds trucks of boxes and working with alot of unloading and sorting items at a donation center. if i let them know all that im sure they will like that experience right? so cool..did you see others with shaved beards? cause im only a little scruffy with a u think they will let that slide?
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    You only have one chance to make a first impression !!
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    coool...thank u man..that helps me outt alot!!!!!!! ima dress upscale then,,well to a point,,did u have facial hair at the time?
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    Kid, don't go lookin' like this!!!!

    Oh Sorry
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    I wore a nice polo shirt, polo jeans and some black nikes. There was about 6 of us that showed up on time, at 6am. The HR lady was about 15 mintues late. I'll jump a little foreword, all of those 6 people were hired. Most dressed normally, a few had a shirt and tie. A little later, as we were all sitting down, about 20-25 more people showed up about 30 mintues late. Then the HR lady askes, this is for the twilight shift only not the morning or midnight. All 20-25 stood up and left, the six people on time remained.

    They dont really judge too much on looks, within the warehouse. All they care about is getting more people into a job that has a huge turn over rate. Hopefully, to keep perhaps a few of them around for a period of time. So dont really worry about NOT being hired. Yet, I would still try to cling to the thought that you'll do anything for that job type of thought processes, something missing from todays America.

    I'm guessing they want more preloaders, good luck. Preload has the highest turn over rate in most buildings. You will walk around 5 - 8 miles a night, while carrying random weights. It really is one the few jobs at UPS where walking is your bread and butter. Drivers and preloaders walk the most out of all the jobs here at UPS.

    Lastly, when you get hired, you will go threw a day of safety training. They will ask you to pass the test at the end of the week with a 100, but dont worry too much about that. Try to learn it the best you can and try for the 100%. Be more ready to learn at the best that you can the job they give you. That will speak lounder then any safety test. In time, you will be tested so often you could pass it in your sleep.

    Btw, at the end of it all, four remained from the last 6 that were hired. Two gave up waiting week after week with no call, I too almost gave up. After about a year, I was the only one left from the four. Its going to be 4 years in Apirl. I recall one of the guys went missing for a whole month, no call no shows. Then out of the blue he answered his phone and came back to work for another 6 months and finally put his two weeks in.

    Good luck, give them hell!
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    you are some kind of troll i dont think you are ready for this id say stay home
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    Couple things. 1. BE ON TIME! 5 45 no exceptions. Don't put off body language like "oh this is so early for me, why couldn't they have done this at 6pm". 2. Do not have your phone, or a wallet with a chain on it, on you. 3. have your license or state ID, social security card or birth certificate on you. Good luck. Even though you won't start that day, you want to be prepared to and that means them getting your info. and you filling out a w4.
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    Your not interviewing for a office job. Shirt and tie is not need. A shirt with a collar and pants without holes in them will do. You show up in a suit and tie and your going to be over qualified for the job. You show up looking like a dirt bag and they are going to thing your unreliable.

    PLAN ON SHOWING UP A LITTLE BIT EARLY..... That way if something happen on the way there you won't be late.
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    Good post, I think you helped him out. Good luck in your studies.
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    Words to live by,...that's why UpState tries to come off like a dick daily on this site.