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    Please help, I am not getting anything from the Pick UPS number but sarcasm. I sent 6 packages NDA on the 14th of September, 2 made it ND. The other 4 were over70 and 3 have become lost in "space". We received an e-mail with the reference number NT20050916_0000031336, stating that one of the missing 3 would be delivered yesterday. It wasn't, so I called PICK UPS and they said that there is no evidence that it has been found, that tracers are on the packages and I will hear something in 1 - 8 business days. According to the last scan they were all in Ontario, CA. Here are the tracking numbers: 1Z 187 824 01 5175 417 1, 1Z 187 824 01 5183 276 5 & 1Z 187 824 01 5078 278 6. I appreciate any input. Thank you all in advance.
  2. Well, one of the packages was delivered today. (Tracking # ending in 2765) I was just told by PICK UPS that even though there are scans on the other two, saying that their location was in Ontario, CA., that doesn't necessarily mean they are there. Apparently there are 3 types of scans: Physical, derivative, and logical. The two packages that are still "missing" had logical scans done on them. Hopefully a physical scan will come in soon. Sorry if I sound like I'm griping, I'm just a little frustrated with this all.
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    Beth, I dont know what type of product you are shipping, but if you can, you might want to reship these 2 items. More than likely, these are going to turn into claims. You will be able to get reimbursed for the insured value of the 2 lost items and the original shipping charges for those packages. You should also be able to get the charges for shipping the replacements reimbursed as well.

    Sorry you are going through this. The fact that we are dealing with all the displaced packages from the areas affected by Katrina is not helping, either.
  4. Thanks racerx, I'll try and get the shipping charges reduced for the ones that were delivered, but not NDA, as I was charged for. I've already received the bill for these packages and they're not even delivered! Go figure. (lol)

    I just heard from UPS, they now say that the packages WERE in Ontario, but are now in a trailer headed for New York - a rather strange route to get to Nevada!

    We are in the process of getting another vendor on the West Coast to try and locate some of this product, and overnight it so that we may complete our job. I'm just hoping that the info is incorrect again and that our men will get them delivered tomorrow.
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    Our guarantee is full shipping costs back for failure to make a valid delivery attempt on the guaranteed delivery date short of act of God or a bad address, etc.

    Don't ask for a partial refund, request all shipping costs involved in those shipments that did not make our stated commitments.
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    Reduced, hell! If those packages were delivered 1 second after the guaranteed delivery time and date, you get all the charges refunded. Period. Just call 800 PICK UPS, tell them that you want a Guarenteed Service Refund (GSR), give them the tracking number, and they will refund the shipping charges.

    Looking at your tracking numbers, the 1st two were delivered at 3:10pm on Sept 15. All of your packages were guaranteed to be delivered by the end of day on the 15th, so, these were delivered on time. The 3rd package, the one ending in 2597, shows delivering on Sept 19th. This was 4 days late you should call for a GSR right away (your only have 15 days from the scheduled delivery date). All the rest of them are a little more complicated. If any of them deliver, call that day and request a GSR. But if any of these packages cannot be found, then you cannot file for a GSR. You will have to get reimbursed through the claims process. After 8 days, we will issue you a claim number and fax you a claim form. You will need to add the shipping charges to the value of the items lost and you will get reimbursed that way.

    If any of this is confusing, let me know..
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    whoa! racerx, are you serious?

    The customer only has a fifteen day window after the guaranteed delivery date to request a failure refund?

    Last I knew they had a year.

    Was I under a misconception on that or did that get changed at some time in the past?
  8. You guys are great, thanks for responding!! You have helped turn a sour experience, with the UPS call center's cavalier attitude, into a more positive UPS image for me.

    Ok2bclever - thank you for the information! I will do that.

    racerx - I just called PICK UPS to request a GSR on two packages (ending with 2597 & 2765) I was told that there are still open tracers on the packages and that no refund can be done with an open tracer. He even gave me the delivery date, signature info etc., but said that it does not clear a tracer. I explained that these 2 packages were part of a 6-package shipment with two pkg.s still missing (with tracers), and what would happen if the 15 days from the scheduled delivery date passed before the other two were found. He told me to wait till Monday and see what transpires between now and then. So, I guess it will be a wait and see situation.
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    You seem fairly astute so I won't suggest that you keep a logbook containing names, dates, times and what was said by the Customer Service person related to this lost package(s) and GSR issue. Good luck.
  10. Nice and subtle Trick!!! I read between the lines and got your message. LOL.
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    Okay.. As far as I know, they DO NOT have to wait for a tracer to clear in order to file for a GSR (I dont know what that agent is talking about). So, you should have been issued a GSR for the tracking number ending in 2597. The other one that you requested, ending 2765, still shows in transit so a GSR cannot be filed on this one yet. In our system, the icon that the agent must click to file for the GSR is grayed out until we have a final delivery scan, so the fact that you could not get a GSR on that package makes sense. But there is no reason to argue with them give them a call on Monday and again request a GSR for package 2597. When all is said and done, if they will not give you a GSR for ANY of these shipments that deliver because it is past the 15 days, let me know on this board. But I dont think you will have a problem with that.

    Ok2, customers have always had 15 days to file for a GSR. Our Terms and Conditions says that in order for a shipment to qualify for a GSR, UPS must be notified in writing or by telephone of a service failure within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of scheduled delivery Now in terms of a damage or lost package claim, our Terms and Conditions read: For domestic shipments, claims not made within nine (9) months after delivery of the package or, in the case of non-delivery, within nine (9) months after a reasonable time for delivery has elapsed, shall be deemed waived. For international shipments, its only 60 days from the date of delivery.

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    Well that is good to know.

    Thanks, racerx.
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    No problem! Glad to help!
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    Regarding GSRs----the people at 800 PICKUPS enter info into a CAReS system that is a record of a particular customer calling in--it can be accessed by phone number or shipper number anywhere in the UPS System----so make sure that the person that you are talking to at the UPS 800 number enters that there was a GSR requested/denied.You can verify that a GSR was requested by asking the person answering the 800 number to check the notes in the system.We will issue a GSR past 15 days , but only if we have proof that a customer contacted us within the 15 day window.
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    I would add that when you are finally issued a claim number, keep good records of that also. I got my claim check for one that was lost in april the end of august.


    What the hell seems to be going on with our NDA service. Mine was a NDA, one that we found a month or so ago with the $5000 reward was a NDA, and now 30% of her packages are missing and one delivered several days late, and they are all NDA. And all these have something in common. ONTARIO ca. What the heck are those people doing to the packages?

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    Good question, Dannyboy Im not sure. As has been pointed out in other threads, I am not in operations.

    But we need to fix it, fast! That, along with international, is the segment that we have targeted to take away for FedEx. If we dont give comparable service, then we are sunk!!!
  17. Thanks upsdawg and dannyboy. I am amazed at the response and sense of ownership here.

    Another package has been found (4171), obviously it was NOT on a trailer to New York as I was told yesterday, it was back in Ontario, CA and is scheduled to be delivered today, I just haven't been able to verify with our employee if it has indeed been delivered. Hopefully Monday will bring in the last remaining "lost" package!
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    D-boy--what is happening to these packages?

    I would want to know what they have in common besides Ontario---are they ASD's---ledgible----cutomer handwritten label----used cartons with old labels?

    We handle 13 million packages a day and if we were 99% effective that would mean there are 130,000 services daily.UPS is good and we ocasionally have service failures---but to have one customer that has several---there could be a reason other than Ontario.

    Are there some major problems that anyone is aware of in Ontario?
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    I have no clue what they are doing with them. In my case it was an ASD. In the case of the $5000 reward package it was a computer generated lable. As to Beth's packages, I cant say.

    I got my check that was in the letter back last week. looks like it was caught in some machinery. The $5000 package was sitting there somewhere with no one looking for it, even though a tracer was issued and calls made. IT was not until someone called Atlanta and got them involved that they were, low and behold, able to find the package within two hours.

    That is what I am saying. I talked to the clerks and a sup out there. While I think they care, there are many holes in the operation where packages just end up sitting around waiting. But for them to be NDA's and no ones head is rolling.......

    i just cant imagine!

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    Those darn Canucks smoking too much weed up there.