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    I am posting here too help solve a problem with management and the treatment of Teamsters. I wish this post could by more family oriented however it is in my opinion very necessary. The problem lies on a teamster site linked to this one. The problem is the war that can only bring UPS harm, as nothing good can come from such trash. I am speaking about an to the two so called UPS supervisors that post in this site. I can only guess they are UPS managers from knowing specifics about UPS and a good idea of how it runs. The point isnt weather or not they are UPS managers, supervisors or anything else. The real deal is they are posting in a public forum claiming to be UPS management and posting trash. They are trashing Teamsters on their site as well as personal attacks on me and others. This may not be a big deal to UPS the company and maybe I take it all too personal. I have worked for UPS part time for 9 years now. I work out of the Indiana center and am known there for being a good employee. I think this site that I am referring to is in a way a good thing for the Teamsters as it is for UPS. I think we all can agree we need to blow off a little steam now and then. I have even let off the same steam as my management team at work. The point is this site is a pressure valve for a lot of UPS workers and Teamsters of many companies to purge allowing then to start over and not carry their gripes from day to day. I think the people who are posting on the Teamster site is not only preventing the much needed venting but increasing the tension and making things worse. What good can come from making the workers even more likely to go to work the next day even more mad then they left the previous day? The other thing that should concern UPS the company is the fact that this is a public site and there is no right to privacy when it comes to public forums. I think UPS should be concerned with their reputation and the way they are portrayed in public. This is just one of my planed spots to find intervention and help right this wrong. The following is very harsh but is not only quotes from the site but the posts in from the UPS supervisors that I am questioning here. Like I have stated I am partially at fault as I have posted some negative thoughts as well. I am not looking for someone too say either is right I am looking for someone who will end this. This one is the worst; UPSSUP only refers to me as dog. I also want to say I take personal attacks seriously will stop at nothing to stop this I would even seek legal action if needed. I dont want anything but this situation resolved, as I post here hoping to settle this for the good of all.

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    OFF-Line ahhh truth hurts doesn't it. No long winded rebuttal just a temper tantrum. Its ok. What your union lose last year about 48,000 members? Yep your doing a great job. Looks to me like that walls falling in on you.

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    OFF-Line I'll read some of your shorter efforts Dog. Fart Dog? Some kind of perversion your trying to share with me Dog?

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    OFF-Line You know I do have to ask Dog. What kind of cut was that supposed to be? Is that some type of thing you inbreds in Indianna Pa do to each other for fun? Is farting on each other the big Saturday Night thing where you live when your not trying to ***** your sister? What kind of ignorant dog would think that a good reply to someone. Pull your nose out of the dogs ass in front of you and think about how sick and how freaking stupid that comment sounded. You are a freaking idiot. By the way I miss your other ID Badmf Fartdog.

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    OFF-Line I think your missing the point. These guys have never in any way done anything your saying. What your saying is totally outrageous . You might as well accuse them of sprouting purple wings and flying into space. Your accusations are that damnn assinine. Lay off the crack pipe idiot.

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    I dont want too take up more room then needed to get the point across. I hope this helps everyone at UPS see that this isnt what UPS is about. At least its not what I read the speeches from Joseph Moderow. For it was he who said As UPS pushes forward in the world of synchronized commerce, integrity, reliability and honesty remain the foundation cornerstone for all we do. I for one listen too this and would like to believe in these very well written and very perceptive view that makes us all put things back into context. I would love to see this very idea or insight put forth to us not long ago, rule this day with action. Let this pride in the name UPS lead us all through scandalous actions of anybody who uses the name UPS. I think my greatest pride in working for UPS is the fine people I get to work with everyday. I take a lot of pride in the job I do and the service that UPS pervades for many people I care about and that is my community. I am equally as proud to by a part of this service. I can also say with pride that my shift maintains a consistently high level in our district. One thing I dont take pride in is the damage that hurts all UPSers Teamsters and managers alike. I hope this letter helps too mend the ties that get damaged every time someone goes to the Teamster forum and reads the exchanges that take place under the UPS managements and employees names. I am here addressing this as I am also here to stand up for my involvement and to try to bring this unprofessional behavior to an end. If someone who reads this post and can help I can only say please and if there is someone out there who will help I can say thank you.
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    If you are getting this worked up over some anonymous postings on an internet message board, you need a break. Turn off your computer and go outside in the sunshine. BTW, "Greg", I have been to and have seen the stuff that you post there. Not very impressive. You are as guilty as anyone for turning that place into a cesspool.
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    Greg....I went to the Teamster board to see what was going on. I read many of your posts and find many of them to be really sad. You really need to get a life. Get off the computer and into making your life more enjoyable.

    Moaners and groaners spend so much time complaining they lose sight of what life is all about. When they congregate they echo the thoughts of their fellow gripers; nod in agreement; raise their blood pressure; say things that don't make sense; and lose touch with reality.

    Put your efforts into positive thinking, go to the park for a picnic, spend a few hours fishing, play ball with a kid.....see how much better you will feel.

    Enjoy life Greg. It is too short to be wasted spewing hatred and dissatisfaction.

    Take care
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    "When they congregate they echo the thoughts of their fellow gripers; nod in agreement; raise their blood pressure; say things that don't make sense; and lose touch with reality. "

    This is so true. If you want to like your job a lot more, stay away from the gripers. They will bring you down. Its not a bad place to work!
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    Agreed Greg. You seem to have a real problem with managment from reading your posts. You really have to try to let go. Do you have some deep seated anger for some reason? Did you try to get into managment and get turned down? Enjoy life . Traveling the path of vindictiveness and revenge is one that will only add to your frustration and anxiety. People who are always miserable view problems as barriers people who are always happy view problems as challenges. Learn to adopt a more positive frame of mind.
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    In your ramblings, you said you're looking for someone to end this...LOOK IN THE MIRROW dog. You have total control by not responding to the posts that, you say, offend you.
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    Hey Vette,
    You are clearly pushing
    greg's buttons by calling him dog. I thought that you were above that.
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    While I dont have the time to cruse the Teamster site, as I seem to run out of hours in the day, one thing does ring true with what has been posted, when the moaning is over, nothing has changed, with the exception of the attitudes, which allways get worse.

    Your job is what you make of it. Like a computer, crap in, crap out. Change your job to where you enjoy it. Or get out one.

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    I checked your posts out on teamster net and it appears you posted his stuff out of context: I also found these post by you which I though much for offensive:

    I have little against UPS the company but UPS the management as I know it is the true source of my rage.

    Youre an a** boss did you know this?

    It would only bring more jackasses like Jafo and UPSSUP here.

    Thanks boss but all respect unintended, go F*** yourself.

    Like we care what yoou think boss. You an a** and you have to post here to make yourself feel like you have a life.

    Aint my F****** Job Boss).

    I hope you can find some positive reinforcement in your life so you wont end up a grumpy ba$terd like Jafo, bitter from living a lie. Selling out all you have and all you are for a tie and a lie.

    I do feel youre a very stupid person boss I like the fact that Jafo wont address this but who knows maybe his is as dumb as you
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    I take it you're not familiar with the term "dog", as used to indicate friend, buddy, or pal. It seems Greg is also unfamiliar with this term.
    You and Greg got to get out more and spend some time in "da hood".
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    Thanx for the advise vette, but I live in the hood,DAWG!!![​IMG]
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    Greg, come in off the ledge.... don't jump!