Help take your mind off Peak with an embarrassing story

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    Ok UPSers lets take our minds of peak for a minute and lets tell everyone something embarrassing that has happened on the job.

    Before we moved into our house my husbands route was right behind the apartments we lived in. He was delivering his NDA's and called me. He ended up tearing the @$$ out of his pants. Lucky for him we live a 2 minute walk away. So I got a pair of pants for him and took them to him so he could change. It was the seam that had torn, so it was an easy fix. Now when he gets new uniforms I go and redo the seams since they are cheaply done. Some of his buddies at work didn't let him live that down for a while.
  2. Re-Raise

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    I was covering a vacation route years ago on the day that they were going to announce the verdict in the OJ Simpson trial. I was really wondering how it was going to turn out but I was delivering a rural area where I didn't know anyone.

    I walked up to a house with a package and an older lady met me at the door and said "they are about to read the verdict in the OJ trial if you want to watch it"

    I said sure if you don't mind. So I stepped into the doorway of the living room where I could see the TV. There was an older man in a wheelchair hooked up to an air hose in the room.

    The lady asked if I wanted a glass of tea and I said sure. She went out into the kitchen and I noticed the older guy really straining to breath. He kind of started to gasp and cough a little and I started to look for the lady because he wasn't doing too good.

    That is when I realized that his air hose went under the rug in the doorway and I was standing on it.

    I jumped off it and he started taking deep breaths....

    I just about ended that guy the same day OJ was acquitted.
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    A few years ago I was delivering an old court house that had the really tall ceilings and the marble floors ( You know the type of building I'm talking about.....let's just say amplified acoustics apply here). I was walking down the hall and came upon a young lady friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. We exchanged a bit of small talk when I chimed up and said "I didn't know you were expecting!!! " To her reply "I'M NOT!", I'm Not, I'm it echoed through out the building.
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    I have had the ripped out seam in the pants happen as well. I just didn't realize it until I got home and took them off. I purposely order them big, but I slipped a little getting into the truck off of a dock that day, so I guess that's when it happened. I noticed a couple of ladies at one of my last pick ups that day laughing as they left, I just didn't realize it was me that they thought was so funny. Then there is also the open/missing button on the shirts for us ladies that can be an issue....had that happen too...flashed a few customers before I realized...oops.
  5. soberups

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    One hot day I parked the truck under a shade tree in an empty parking lot in order to go in back and sort the rest of my deliveries.

    I had an old radio that I would listen to sometimes, and on that day I had it set on a 70's station. A song came on--"Brandy, you're a fine girl" by Looking Glass--that was a big hit back when I was a little kid in the early 70's, and I remembered it well enough to sing along to it as I lined up my stops.

    The next song was "Dreamweaver" by Gary Wright. It had been a personal favorite of mine, so I really got into singing along with it while I continued to sort. I was absolutely belting it out. The chorus of the song consists of Gary Wright screeching out "Dreeeeeeeam Weeeeevah weevah weeevah" with the heavy use of echo reverb and synthesizers that was a fad back then. If you have ever heard the song you know what I'm talking about.

    So I'm in the back of the truck just nailing those high notes and that echo reverb....when out of the corner of my eye I see a man standing outside by the passenger door and leaning his head inside the cab trying to get my attention. With all the screeching I had been doing, I never even heard him drive up.

    He wanted to know if I had a package for his house up the street. I wanted to crawl in :censored2: and die of shame.

    The guy was really trying hard to keep a straight face as I handed him the package. It was obvious that he had been standing there for several minutes while I made a complete fool of myself, and I could hear him laughing as he walked away. My face was beet red and I was utterly humiliated. Thank God this happened before cell phone cameras and YouTube had been invented, or a video of me making a complete ass of myself would be just a few mouse clicks away. I have never sung in the truck again.

  6. Old International

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    Strange things happen in the dark of the night. I am a product of the 70's, and enjoy the music of the period. One night, I had pulled my set of doubles into the centers parking lot, the sat. radio (set on the 70's on 7) started playing "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits. I jacked up the volume,(but not loud enough to go much pass the set) left the tractor door open, and started dancing/singing as I went back to break down the set. As it was after midnight, and I was on the far side of the set from the building, and the only other person was the mechanic(safely inside the shop with the door down), I figured I was safe. What I did not count on was the women that had gotten up in the 2nd story of the house right behind the center, saw me doing my act, opened her window, and clapped after I was done doing my moves out in the parking lot. I died on the spot, and scurried back to the safety of my tractor. Never again, have I busted a move on the parking lot........
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    I'll bet you could really move when James Brown started with ...."I feel good...." That my "move" song!
  8. The Blackadder

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    I had a helper it was Xmas we had two stops right next to each other... I am a nice guy I gave him the flash light... I cut across the lawn and walked head on into a tree limb.... I dropped like Dick Butkis had just laid me out... My helper finds me on the ground after he made his stop. He puts the light in my face and ask me if I am ok I say yes just give me second and he makes my stop... I wonder back to the UPS package car, feeling ok kind of dumb.. the next morning a huge black and blue mark on my face I hit the road again.
  9. kurtkampy

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    We had a feeder driver one night spotting trailers. He had to relieve himself so instead of the long walk inside he did his business between two trailers. Just then a female supervisor walked by. Needless to say he got a few days off. When he came back his CB handle was known as the urinator.
  10. soberups

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    One time I had a female customer catch me peeing on a tree next to her driveway. My back was turned so she didnt actually see anything, but it was obvious what was going on. She just smiled and waved at me and continued driving on up to her house. Fortunately for me, people with 1/2 mile long driveways who live on farms way out in the country tend to be pretty laid back about that sort of thing. When there is already deer and coyote and bear crap on your driveway, a little bit of pee from the UPS man is hardly noticeable.
  11. rod

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    She probably peed of her deck when she got to her house.
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    My kinda woman!