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    Ok guys I really need some advise here.I have been off work since Jun 3 2010 on family leave.I started having problems with my neck and shoulder around Jan 2010 and knowing full well that I could not pin point an injury I started seeing a physical therapist for about 6 weeks . Ok so that didnt help I got an mri said I have bulging disk and swelling stenosis in c5 c6 and a little c7 so went out on family leave to try to heal problem saw a specialist who sucked then went back to a chiropractor ok now its august and little to no improvement. I have educated myself through the internet on this issue and still feel lost. I now have given up and want surgery so I can get back to work Im only 47 and feel very young I do not know what to do. Some people say quit your job some say dont get surgery Im so sick of hurting I could scream. I did find a promising laser surgery in florida but I have to pay 4000 up front and I dont have it. Has anyone else had this issue ? :knockedout:
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    Why are you on unpaid leave when you should be out on comp or disability? You don't necessarily have to have a specific date of injury for this to be a comp claim. I had ulnar nerve issues in both elbows which were the result of years of doing this job and all of the medical costs were covered by comp. At the very least you should be receiving short term disability payments, which are about $300/week for FT. I don't recall whether you are FT or PT.
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    nice thats how I feel
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    Ok I was trying to keep it short but I have short term disability 277 a week that turned into long term I believe because I had to have doc fill out new form. And I was hoping for a quick fix I use to heal fast but this isnt going away yes I also have a pain in my elbow from a pinched nerve in neck also related to this disk thing . Im full time didnt want to stir up stuff at work with comp since I couldnt pin point issue.
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    Your health is far more important that stirring up stuff at work. What you describe is clearly a comp claim.
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    But now what is it changeable because Iv just been using regular insurance for everything.What are my options? Should I get surgery or just go into different work and then what no insurance company will have me now . I feel like a scorned women cant work and nowhere to go. and still hurting.
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    I had the same situation when I was having issues with my elbows. I used our health insurance to pay for everything at first. It wasn't until our BA suggested that it should be a comp claim that I had even thought about filing for comp. I kept my same doctor throughout the transition from BC/BC to comp. Comp reimbursed BC/BS for expenses paid to date of the transition and I received comp payments for the time that I was out of work.

    It is not an easy process and you will catch a lot of flak for having waited so long but I think you should start the process of making this a comp claim.
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    teres.... please send me a PM... I have been through the exact thing you are going through right now. I have had a fusion of the C5-6-and 7. If nothing else I can reassure you that you can get past this and resume a nice active lifestyle. I am in package and have been through all of it.
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    I have had a very similar experience over the last six years. I had severe back, neck, and shoulder pain. Going to the chiropractor helped but only temporarily. Their x-ray showed that one of my lower back discs was worn and the vertebrae was pinching the nerve. Next I tried an orthopedic specialist. The MRI showed two bulging discs in my neck and tendinitis in my shoulder. He recommended physical therapy and/or pain shots. I was skeptical of both but I tried the shots. They also worked temporarily but when they wore off the pain was worse. That was last fall. Then I met a physical therapist who was also a fully qualified massage therapist. We have met almost every week since November and it has changed my life. She has found and eliminated numerous muscle knots that were pinching nerves. Each session leads to less pain. She explained that many injuries in our line of work begin simply with muscle tightness. Those muscles pinch nerves and/or cause misalignment of the spine that leads to pinched nerves. I expect to be pain free by the end of the year. I have also started using an inversion table regularly and (though it sounds hokey) it has worked wonders as well. Note: This therapist massages down to the third and deepest layer of muscle. It is not a relaxing message. It is painful but well worth enduring. After each session my range of motion increases and my pain lessens. Good luck!
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    So much great advice in this thread.
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    +1 It is refreshing to see on BC.
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    talk, I am so glad to hear of a success story with neck disc issues. I went through 3 of the most painful months of my life with my first disc injury. I blew that disc out and there was no saving it. After surgery I gained complete motion and power back only to have the second neck disc go bad. I went through a myriad of treatments to try and avoid a second surgery. The massages you speak of are very painful but yes do feel good after its over. Alas after physical therapy; steroid pill packs and injections; as well as neural block injections surgery happened again. I now have some headache issues and a little bit of range of motion problems, but life keeps on going well and I am still able to work.
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    Ok I tried PM but cant find it so try sending me one and I will reply.:happy-very: SOOO are you better do you recommend surgery I will fax my MRI to you so you can look and see if its the same thing. I really need some good advice.Didnt work make it worse it hurts me to lift heavy stuff and unload seems that arms up makes it worse.
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    I just sent you a PM
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    I had the exact same issue. Depending on how bad the stenosis is do not mess around with it. Mine was to the point that if I sneezed, I would almost collapse to the ground. I tried everything short of surgery. I wound up seeing one of the best Neurologists in the U.S. and he did not even want me to leave the hospital he was so freaked about how bad it was. I knew another guy who had the same issue and just the water resistance of diving into the water he came up a quadripiligic. I assume the same would have happened to me. I had to have C4 C5 and C6 plated and screwed and feel way better for it. I still struggle with Migraines but as far as the neck it is way better. I lost slight mobility but I figure the trade off was worth it!
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    OMG your scaring me Im glad your better Im still in the idk what to do . The stenosis is moderate thats what the MRI says so can it get worse or better?
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    I would be very careful when and if you have this surgery. My best advice to you is to make sure that you do your research and get a good doctor. I had the 2 disks removed between C3 and C5 to help relieve my headaches and they are now worse. I thought that I had one of the top surgeons around my area at the time. The current doctor that I am seeing said that the first doctor did a great job with the fusion but I am in the small percentage that wil continue to have problems. They now want to remove the disk between C5-C6 and put another bracket with more screws in it. I refuse to let them cut on me again.

    The one thing that I would look into before you do this surgery is they have been developing artificial disks to replace the current bad ones. I know that it was approved for the back but not sure if it has been done for the neck. Either way good luck and take care of yourself.
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    Interesting stuff. I have it too (stenosis) and my doctor said that it affects everyone differently. We had one guy who was partially paralyzed, had surgery, and has never been quite the same. It was explained to me that in some people the nerves are only flattened by the stenosis and not pinched. This results in lower pain levels, some numbness, and impairment, but not the extreme symptoms others have described. I guess it depends on the individual. Massage and physical therapy have both helped me, and if I keep up with the PT exercises, I seldom even have to take a pain reliever. Good luck.
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    Stay away from an Orthopedic Surgeon.

    Seek out a Neurologist..

    Get the surgery!!

    Relief of the nerve pressure is really the best option.
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    So, Fred is actually doing something for you?
    How do you like his hands rubbing your Glut's???:happy-very: