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  1. We are operating on 16 drivers where 2 yrs. ago we had 22 the country drivers may go 10-20 more then norm. but the in town guys go with 40 plus, I have sign the over 9.5, I have called the Hotline, and filed on these issues. My local sits on there rear and lets this abuse happen. I have grievants from 3 plus years and I have no clue on the out come, every time I call the hall there is no one ever available, I never get a call back. I need a number to someone higher then my local please. The more I do all this I just put a BIGGER target on my back and this needs to stop, I need to start to get something back in return...................
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    Make a log of every time you call the union hall. Keep your copy of grievances filed. I would conduct your business with them via email or in writing thru the post office with certified and signature required letters. Find out where you state teamsters council is.
    When you find the address of your state teamsters council, cc all correspondence with them. Your BA will get the hint. You can always call the NLRB and ask the officer for advice. That is what they are there for -to help.

    You must keep records, unfortunately, sometimes as some people are lazy. Mediocrity isn't exclusive to the teamsters, but it does exist.
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    Look in the mirror. As I said, it does exist.