Helpers bumping FT drivers

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    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    This is probably a repeat post but here it goes anyway. Seems that two routes have been cut out today three drivers on layoff yet two seasonal helpers are being utilized today. I'm not familiar with the policies of the company/union & the use of helpers. Is this something that should be grieved with the union?
  2. Jones

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    Check your supplement. Under ours the company is prohibited from using helpers while drivers are laid off.
  3. lvgolfer962

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    sounds like a ups move to save a few dollars. i was under the impression that you cant file grievances during peak, could be wrong??

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    I'm not really big on filing grievances unless its justified and I have a legitmate issue. So far, after following up on Jones post unfortunately I've found nothing in our supplemental agreement that supports my original post. I feel like if there is enough volume to justify helper use than there should be enough work to add in routes for FT employees.
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    last year around oct we had 5-6 drivers layed off and in nov when things started to pick up all of them were back being jumpers or helpers out at the malls. im not big fan of grievances either, i filed one 3 years ago over a missing check and got 3 grand in penalty pay and their still holding a grudge about it.
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    you can file all year long..even during peak
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    if you reported to work. And not told you were getting layed off
    the night before --- you have the right to work. Helpers and casuals don't work -----
    you work first . Read the contract

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    I knew last Wednesday according to the schedule that I would be laid off today. I also knew helpers were scheduled for today as well. So reporting to work was not an issue. If you can direct me to where in the contract that this is stated it would be helpful and appreciated.
  9. packageguy

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    Do you have any casuals drivers working, when they lay you off.

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    Today is the first day. Helpers being used. Two FT drivers on layoff; bumped to 4hr reload.
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  12. packageguy

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    i'm trying to find the info in the contract, i do know drivers work first then casuals.
    is there supervisors shuttling work or doing pick ups.

    JARHEAD And...That's rite!

    No sups working. I've been reviewing the contract as well, but haven't came up with any concrete language that would support a grievence.
  14. packageguy

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    call the union hall, i am sure there is something we are missing.
    i hope they don't use the word grey area when it comes to this.
    We pay to much dues for this to happen. i will try to find out for you
  15. Anonymous 10

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    In my local they have to use the laid off driver as a helper before they can use an actual helper. You are also guaranteed
    your 8hours.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When the driver works as a helper is he paid his regular wage or helper wages?
  17. helenofcalifornia

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    Regular wage out here.
  18. djkre8r

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    In my center you are paid helper wages if you want to be a helper. We had a lot of guys that would work preload then go home and change (until air was delivered) and then meet the driver on route. I was one of them UNTIL the next year they told us we had to work for helper pay. I think this year they have ONE inside worker that is a helper.

    I like how the helpers are putting other drivers out of a job! I qualified as a cover driver this summer and have been driving ALMOST every day since... until this week when they added helpers. I will be on preload in the morning. I am glad we have almost finished buying for Christmas and I didn't count on driving during peak! This sux! Cut routes and pile it on the trucks - we have helpers.
  19. Coldworld

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    Maybe we should lay off a bunch of ups management and get replacements from various temp agencies across the company. Could save millions in salary....and who knows they might run the company better than its being run right now...get some different points of views out there.
  20. over9five

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    What are you people thinking? There should be NO temps working if you have drivers laid off. Call your BA, and then call the local direct. That is unacceptable.

    Why is there any doubt in your minds?