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  1. Anyone still using helpers.
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    Santa Claus:wink2:
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    The middle of May? what for?
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    We have 10 people laid off already. Where the heck are you? Planet Zenon or Deleware?
  6. stops are high, I used to go with 130 plus my pick up , now I go out with 145 with them taking my residentials off and adding 40 stops from another route that is 10 mins. away and I still have to go back to my route to do pick ups. I had 150 mon, 152 tues, and 160 yesterday mon, tues by myself and yesterday with a helper. They also will take pick ups off another route and load it to 190 and that person does it by himself.
    Just wanted to know if there are others going through that also.
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    Check your contract. In my area helpers after Jan 1 are against the language. They tried it a year or two ago and paid a LOT of money in grievances. That is overtime that would create more routes, get you a nice vacation somewhere, etc.
  8. I really do not know how my center gets away with all the stuff they do...
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    its simple-people like you are getting it done. i overheard a driver complaining to a sup about this - sup said "well,people are getting it done"...runners run faster..start sending msgs for help.. what they are doing by us now is telling us there is a curfew--so drivers go even faster--...YOU must start fixing this problem before its too late
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    The only way to stop them from getting away with it is to pull your supe/mgr into the office and give them what they give you. The contract is an agreement between two parties. The company agreed to it just like we did. They have to live up to their word. I don't like taking it to that level, but if no one is willing to listen to reason then sometimes you have to force them to make a decision. If your supplimental has similar language, talk to the mgmt guys, try to solve it without the grievance, but if they can't or won't recognize that they agreed not to do something that they are now doing, you can only look in the mirror if you don't try to stop it yourself. Good luck.
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    Apparently everyone in your center needs to grow set and start filing grievances for having helpers and for pay. Management will walk all over you if you let them. If you normal have 130 stop and that take you 8 + hrs then 145 stops should take 9+ hrs. I would check your local rider and see what it says about helper but there is no way the union should allow helpers in may if they need help they should be hiring ft drivers.
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