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    nice job guys!

    Two UPS workers early Friday morning pulled two women -- one of whom is in critical condition -- from an overturned car that ended up in an Orange County pond.Florida Highway Patrol troopers said the driver failed to navigate a curve at the intersection of Zell Drive and United Way near Central Florida Parkway, and the car overturned and plunged into the pond.The workers jumped into the water and freed one of the women quickly. She's expected to be OK. Three other witnesses helped the workers pull the driver, who was stuck in muck, out of her car. She is listed in critical condition. The women are 22 and 23 years old."I noticed that there was a car in the water, and some people were waving when I noticed that it was my friend from work. I jumped in the water and decided to help him out," an unidentified man said.Roads in the area were closed but have since been reopened.
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    Good peoploe doing good deeds.AWESOME!!
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    Well done!