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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jun 12, 2007.

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    Sorry I can't find it but in another thread the other day you mentioned something to the effect about it being ashamed more republicans aren't like Ron Paul or something to that effect and I saw this op-ed this morning and you came immediately to mind. And in a nice way too because I thought your comments were very true. Here's the op-ed.


    You know in hindsight, had the republicans been a little more like Ron and a lot less like what they have become, it's possible that they may still be controlling the Congress. Most people now agree that democrats are far better at being democrats than republicans pretending to be democrats. Why waste our time on them when we can vote and elect the real thing! Hey, there's your 08' Democrat Slogan:

    "Like Coke, We're the REAL THING!"


    BTW: Gingrich the other day agreed with you on a Demo sweep next year so things are looking good for ya! Problem is not much to celebrate with the mess you'll have to clean up.
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    It's true that politics makes strange bedfellows!


    Not long ago this was considered all but impossible but then IMO this sez way more about the so-called Christian Right than anything else. Someone once said, "Neither Christian or Right!"

    Amen Brother.
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    The irony with politics,gotta love it!What a difference 3 and 1/2 yrs make.
    (However)Article failed to mention in 2004 not only leading Dems authorize a continuance in Iraq but fellow leading Reps echoed the same voice...on the Iraq policy.
    Thats about the only common ground in 2004.
    I can't find to many Reps pretending to be dems.
    It's so rare these days,it's like being gay on a professional sports team or military unit and coming out of the closet,you will be ask to quit or not be invited to participate like republican strategists are insinuating to Dr Ron Paul.
    Did you see Ron Paul on HBO's Bill Maher's show?
    As Mr Paul exited,Bill Maher commented that was the loudest applause ever for a Republican guest on his liberal show.
    As far as Gingrich,to me he's no longer a politican,but a historian,hopefully his hindsight is right on the money.
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    Nor are the Christian Right representatives of all Christians - they're just the ones that get the most attention from the press.


    From what I read about the methods in the quoted study, I think there is only one significant digit - meaning just single-digit precision. The methods may not be very precise, but they are better than the methods used in studies I have seen that try to statistically show a "liberal" bias in the media.

    On a related note, How GOP Presidential Candidates apply their Christian Moral Ethics points out the double standards that have been applied by Republican candidates. An excerpt to incite people to follow the link:
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    Hey Cafers I just want to say that diesel s rep has been under valued for a long time. Yes, you are hearing this from a Republican. Diesel to his credit is the top democrat in as far as debating goes on this site. I'll give him his props. Diesel is articulate in his thought process and I have recently just discovered he has an artistic eye(computer imagery).

    Republicans, as we are all very aware this site is heavy laden with Republicans. In a way that is good and bad. I would find it quite boring if we didn't have any democrats to spare with. I believe you feel the same. I hate to say it but we do need more democrats to spare with. I thought of something we could do about this. Maybe we can alternate so nobody would become a mental case. Example, Braze(shes cute and her bear hugs are great)LOL and I could pretend to be democrats for a week or 2 just to help even things out. Now folks it would be challenging to say the least, maybe just down right torture. Of course, you would have to put a disclaimer after each post. Im not a democrat. he he. Just a thought. Any comments or suggestions.

    At times diesel, you present your arguments so well that I almost think for a split second of changing parties. What was I thinking about. LOL Anyhow. a special thanks to those that helped boost his rep. Hey diesel, I hope it keeps raining so you can't ride that bike. Keeps you in front of that damn computer screen. One other quick thing I also notice that he refrains from cussing, insulting and name calling from what I have seen or for the most part. A problem I have at times. sincerely a43
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    How true!!! We do need them. I truly believe that you need those on both political ends of the spectrum, even (and maybe more so) the ones you disagree with and want to punch out. Life would be a bore without them and our arguments wouldn't be nearly as well honed. Think about it. You can't have a left without a right. And you can't have a center without both... :no:
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    Wow D, had no idea you were running for Class President! You keep it up and one of these guys will do you a huge favor and pass a note to the prom queen in study hall and get you a date with her!

    You lucky devil you!

    D, I hate to have to do this but I must. You aren't Jonfrum in drag are you? I just had to ask since Area just appeared out of nowhere.
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    Jonfrum:confused:1 in Drag???Are you rolling those bones up with the "Pink Floyd (Darkside of the Moon) headphones"on again?
    Only Drag I see is that Funny car smoking the tires in your avatar Wkmac!!
    Speaking of running for President,who in there distorted minds would want to subject themselves and run for President? Espescially with the current mess that has to be cleaned up.
    I betcha our best leaders(rep or dem or Indep) are balking at running for Prez due to the fact of a skeleton or two in the closet.
    Well,"'I'm off like a prom dress" CYA

    Hey Area43,thx!
    I'ts been fustrating,educational ,and at the same time humorous to trade paint with you guys.And yes,Reps dominate this site like Am talk radio,but many of you bring up valid points it's hard to argue with.However,I like too see more free thinkers on this site express their opinions independent of their sterotyipical party affiliations.Since I've joined The "Cafe" I've learned to tone down the cussing,insults ,and name calling myself.It doesn't get you anywhere,and it makes you look bad . I"ve might come across as a far left Dem reguarding our foreign policy towards Iraq and our enviroment and big business,but i'm starting to see the light for a more "middle of the road " (Indep )party to break away from our 2 party system in this country.I've never been a politically motivated person until the last 10/15 yrs when the division in this country has gotten so extreme it's sad and weakens us all as Americans.
    Well,I've been so busy installing a new floor and purchaed a new HDTV ,that I have'nt been on the Computer lately.It will change,as soon as the thrill dies down a little,I'll reload(Bill Maher is on) and start threading again.Lets get ready to rumble!!!!!!(like that Las Vegas Referee says it)

    Sammie,don't mind trading lefts and rights and being your sparring partner,Just don't Bite my ear off like Tyson did to Holyfield.
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    The more and more I've talk with you the more I've come to see you from an independent point of view. Free Thinking too and I like that.

    As for my class prez/jonfrum, that was more a poke at Area than at you. I've watched with great humor the JonFrum thread in another BC forum and when Area appeared out of thin air posting about you I kinda took a little humorous turn in an effort to have something for everyone to laugh with.

    Besides, what's the F#$king point if we can't laugh with one another every once in a while. America is in a :censored2: Storm of a mess on many fronts, I think we all agree there but it's the how to solve it that we got off in a thousand directions. If we share some laughs and maybe a couple of beers, we might just find we do have more in common than we realize and we also come to see some of the BS being thrown our way to get people elected.

    The immigration issue, whether you agree or disagree with the pathway, showed me that if Americans get behind sometime and hold the feet of those clowns in Washington to the fire, that things really can happen. There is a lot of BS out there and on the net but somewhere also is the truth. One of us looking "MIGHT" find it and the odds get better if 2 are looking. But if we all look and then share what we find, and yes from varying points of view and even the wrong ones (mine just as much as anyone else), at the least we are making efforts to better inform ourselves and when we walk in to vote we place ourselves at the chance to elect the best possible person we can.

    Folks, it ain't about being able to say you voted for the winner or being able to say you were right. It's not about Pro Bush or anti-Bush, or Pelosi, or Rumsfeld or Cheney or Reid and it's not about Republican, Democrat or even freaking Libertarian, we're all Ammericans first and foremost and that alone is the single most important factor. The politicians have forgotten this long ago IMO and now they are trying to wipe this from our memories and thinking processes.

    If God is willing to Bless America, then why in his name can't we start thinking like one?

    God Bless all of you!
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    Oh Come ON Diesel, what's a little cannabalism among friends?

    And HDTV is pretty special. We just bought one for my mother in law, but I refuse to give up my trusty, 12 year old 52". But like I tell my kids, you can't be a slave to a TV set because it'll suck your brains out.
    (Like the net and it's spin offs haven't done that very thing to me...:closedeye)
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    Wow, Sammie and D must be nice to have big Tv sets. I still have my Grandpa's old black and white tv with the rabbit ears. It also has a couple of bullet holes(big John Wayne fan) on the side of it, but it works. Having no remote control is a pain in the butt. Old school dial knob(clunk, clunk). Those bulbs in the back of it, help in heating of the house in the winter time. The thing looks like 3 mile island or chernobal when in operation. Anyhow take care a43