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  1. Let's hear your opinion on this one...

    I'm sure for years everyone has a favorite spot to take a break or lunch at. And for many who's been on the same route yuo kinda know where the FDX guy or UPS and even the USPS has its normal break spot, so when you get there and you see some other companys truck at your place, you know this person nust be new to the area. Let's hear your favorite spot and why...I'll go first.

    My place is a long abandoned textile mill. This place sits above the main highway for easy access to my first pick ups of the day. There is a oak tree for shade and the breeze thru this place is incredible. The only people you see up here are cops who cruse by once in a great while. On clear sunny days you can park and see over the highway and into downtown. On days like this you feel lilke your on top of the world. Nothing fancy, just dang peaceful...
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    When I started driving in 78, they had just put in a new park next to a business complex, lots of grass with a bunch a little trees. I occasionally got into the area as a relief driver. Four years later, I took the route that bordered part of park that had residential deliveries on it, also a nearby airport. I sometimes got a chance to take a break there. Ten years later, I bid on the business route next to me and started taking lunch breaks in the park on a regular bases. With 25 years in package, I watched that little park turn into a great, shady park with grown trees and the later addition of a couple of baseball diamonds. It got so nice, it was often hard to find a place to park. It sure was a nice place to have on a route.
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    Part of my area is right on Lake Ontario.Theres a park that runs along the waterfront with lots of maple trees.The breeze rolling off the water is a pleasant break on the hot days.I`ve learned to avoid the picnic tables because the sea gulls know they mean food.Open all the doors,take off the shoes and relax before I start pulling out my hair again.On a clear day you can see Niagara on the lake on one side,and the grayish brown haze over Buffalo on the other.Beautiful.
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    Used to eat lunch in the parking lot of an old pioneer cemetary. Nice shade trees and very quiet :) .
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    I used to cover the Welsh Valleys (in the U.K.) when I was a Package Car Driver, for the best part of 6 years I used the same snack bar. Which as time went by got busier, quickly, each lunchtime there was a least 7 drivers from different package delivery companys eating and talking together. I always found thhis a great stress buster! I also made some great friends there too, the girl who owned the snack bar only ever charged us for our first drink but she would ask us to bring in some tea and coffee now and again.

    Happy Days!!!
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    same here when i was on the road..im now a clerk..for 19 years i sat under some old trees in the truck at a veterans cemetary..very quiet and peaceful..:)
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    I sit on the beach on the south shore of Lake Erie. Most days I carry either my guitar (a Martin 00-16) or an old banjo and play through my break.
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    I deliver in in Roxbury and I'm white so I can't keep the truck stopped for too long without fear of getting robbed so I usually take my lunch on the way back to the building
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    Only white UPS drivers get robbed?? Do drivers of other colors carry less merchandise or cash??:confused:1
  10. What kind of area is this?? Sounds like some kind of warzone..why don't you bid out somewhere less hostile?
  11. browniehound

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    Yes, if you're white and in Roxbury, you're a target.
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    ha, browniehound...you couldn't be more right!
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    That's cool! Nice guitar BTW!

    Enjoy the music leastbest!
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    Most trucks down south get sooo hot, a musical instrument would not survive the heat that builds up in the vehicle. I sometimes had melted cheese in my sandwiches by the time I got to them.
  15. sendagain

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    Most trucks down south get sooo hot, a musical instrument would not survive the heat that builds up in the vehicle. I sometimes had melted cheese in my sandwiches by the time I got to them.
  16. sendagain

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    Sorry for the duplicate, the computer was moving so slow I hit it again.
  17. dannyboy

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    Grilled cheese at no charge.

    IT gets so hot you can get blisters by letting your arms touch the shelves.

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    LOL! Wow, that sounds like good times! What a great job you losers have. Dog bites, 3rd degree burns, and crap from the management.
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    Oh yeah! Ever been sleeping on a shelf and let your arm touch the wall? Instant wake-up call!
  20. ade34

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    Just glad i'm not the only person to use the shelves in this way!:cool: