Hired for feeder temporary seasonal full time.

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    Hello my name is Zack I have 3 years of experience in truck driving and have always wanted to become apart of UPS. I understand it as we all have the same jobs for the most part in transportation but you guys are the most compensated most respected and most prestigious of all carriers. Truly world class and as far income and benefits a top job amongst transportation. I am truly interested in putting the time in and getting started at ups for a career and can even work part time as income is not a huge issue right now. Last week the unimaginable happened at least for me the feeder department in Las Vegas Nevada has been in such a bind with this season that they have actually reached out seeking 8-12 qualified truck drivers to work in feeder department til Jan 15th 2019 . I’m struggling though however to understand where is my place at ups? I know I won’t be kept in the department rightfully so as everyone has earned that position but dogonit I want to stay with ups even if that means being at the bottom of the totem poll after peak season as a package handler. Does anyone have any tips how I could possibly make such a transition ? I have no idea how you guys operate from within. If I’m a good worker as a feeder seasonal do I have a in with HR to become a package handler? Any tips or tricks to the trade would be welcomed. I pick up my uniform tommorow and I am proud to join this family even if only for a short time ...
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    Drive fast, take chances!
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    Haha fortunately I’m almost positive the lanes go to Cali. Which means 55mph only. Long shifts = long money. Being paid hourly in truck driving is a special thing
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    It's no different than any other work place . Work safe, be dependable, get along with others. Depending on the labor market you even have a chance to make it permanent as an off the street hire in feeders. .
    Good luck to you
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    Change your name.
    I already contacted your supervisor and told him you were bad mouthing him on the internet.

    He said you're fired.
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    Guys who like to be addressed using three names are typically either child TV stars from be 90s or end up on the news for.....poor behavior. His supervisor probably made the right choice.
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    Only 55? Runner-Gunner's do that in our lot during their pretrip!
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    Thanks for the heads up good sir
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    That would be awesome. From what I understand it as is that the union rep said under no circumstances are they going to be hiring for an actual position after the season ends. Unfortunately. Although this is the first time in history that the Las Vegas branch has hired off the street for temp feeders so it could be something that changes. I guess we will see
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    It’s completely out of your hands. You have no control over whether you are kept of not. They might not keep anyone. They might keep one of you.

    My advice, don’t hit anything, show up on time everyday, do everything they ask of you (within reason) with a smile on your face. Good luck
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    WTF is wrong with you

    You on some new meds or what?

    I miss the old Turd
  12. He is getting soft in his old age.
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    I am trying to lose the instigator and troll tag that @cheryl and @tonyexpress put on me
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  14. burrheadd

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    Good luck
  15. barnyard

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    All of your questions will be answered in January.
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    All good kids like milk!!