Hoffa Agrees to 15% Wage Cut at Allied

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 18wheelbrownie, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. :w00t:
    gee,reelected president for a couple of months now and here comes the givebacks to employers :w00t:
  2. brett636

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    Maybe that had to do something with the fact the company is currently going through bankruptcy proceedings, and has been taken over by its creditors.
  3. so its best not ask the members for a vote and ask them how they feel about a 15% cut, you really don't care about anyone but your self, as long as it doesn't affect you ,everything is ok! this is how you show support for your fellow teamsters in your shoes!!! your colors are starting to show!!!!!
  4. local804

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    Your getting your facts from the tdu website. This site will never EVER post anything good about the teamsters and I am sure you know the reason why. Get the full real story from another website so we can see the real deal. Dont always believe what you read.
  5. brett636

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    I've never voted for or against a single bill that has gone through congress, but I do vote for the people that vote on those same bills. Your level of intelligence is really starting to show through.
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    All I had to see was that it was a tdu article--it lost all creditability with me at that time.

    Carhaul has alot of upstart gippo competition and pressure from the auto makers.
  7. Fredless

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    Hmm..if I've been a truck driver my whole life, no other marketable skills - and I've got it good..let me weigh the options.

    15% wage cut or a total job loss because the company goes under?

    I bet a 15% paycut is better than starting ALL over at some other company - especially some non-union outfit starting out at 31 cents a mile again probably. If the guys don't like the 15% cut, and think they can find better opportunities- they should quit Allied and go elsewhere. Its not like its hard to find a truck driving job.
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    Were the union dues cut by 15% as well?