Hoffa excavation 2014

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    As we anxiously await next years excavation/ search, one thing is certain. Where ever Jimmy Hoffa is buried he has certainly rolled over in his grave at the news of his sons mishandling & misuse of the Teamster brand & the sellout of working class union members that has taken place in order for James P. Hoffa to help push the lefts agenda. Haven't heard much out of Hoffa Jr. lately either. May be time to send out a search party.
  2. Bagels

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    Yeah, I'm sure Hoffa Sr. would believe the average FTer UPSer earning $94K/year with no-cost benefits in 2018 is undercompensated...
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    This was honestly the only decent lead on James R. Hoffa's whereabouts in the last four decades. It was also a sad attempt by an old, broke mobster to turn a few bucks and get his name in the news.

    The FBI believes the body was incinerated in a furnace. Considering that anyone that might have been involved in his disappearance is either dead or in their late 80's, we'll probably never know what really happened.
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    Hoffa Sr. is probably sitting on a beach in Fiji, sipping margaritas and laughing at the search for his remains.
  5. Hawfuh Sux

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    I don't doubt that Hoffa Sr. just like Junior only a damn about the 35% of full-time UPSers and the hell with the 65% of part-timers struggling to survive on poverty wages.
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    Well had a customer tell me today they heard we were going in strike. I said did they find Hoffa sr. He said nope. I said then we aren't going to strike.
  7. PiedmontSteward

    PiedmontSteward RTW-4-Less

    He didn't smoke or drink. He was also a strict vegetarian.

    So he's probably sitting on a beach in Fiji, eating a bowl of cottage cheese and laughing at the search for his remains. :funny:
  8. Gumby

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    Or he could be part of your driveway!!
  9. Hawfuh Sux

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    HAHA, that's so hilarious but true. The truth really can offend some!
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    Give it a break. This TA is about many things but it sure as hell is not about money which we deserve. It is about
    56 hr weeks, healthcare and the changes especially retirees and PT, it is about harassment which is unfriggin believable, it is about Pension contributions and the back door move of Trustees to defer it, the list goes on and on for the Billion Dollar Company which forgot Casey's dream.
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    I don't doubt that Hoffa Sr. just like Junior only a damn about the 35% of full-time UPSers and the hell with the 65% of part-timers struggling to survive on poverty wages.[/QUOTE]

    If there is a ups PART timer out there who got a job at ups thinking that his part time salary was gonna be able to provide for himself or his family then that's where the problem is. It's a part time job. I don't care if they make $30 an hour they are still going to struggle to make ends meet, because it is still a part time job. I don't understand that part time poverty argument. Of course you're going to have to work another job, or go to school, or live with mom and pops until you go full time.
  12. Johney

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    I don't believe Hoffa jr. has done some of the illegal things Hoffa sr. did.
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    I sure wouldn't mind taking a look at his bank account!!just saying...........
  14. Johney

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    I'm not a big fan of either Hoffa, all I'm saying is for the record so far one has not been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.......yet.
  15. BrownBrokeDown

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    I don't believe he has either. But Sr. sure as hell fought harder for the members, even if it was only to line his pockets more.
  16. anonymous6

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    why don't they ask that Long Island Psychic?
  17. Returntosender

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    Hoffa Sr > Hoffa Jr
  18. Bagels

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    Give me a break. I completely agree that no contract should pass until things such as Article 7 abuse are addressed, but... it's about the money. It's ALWAYS about the money. We have thread after thread after thread after thread after thread... on here complaining about the compensation being a "joke" considering the company's profit, that wages aren't keeping up with inflation, that $100K is "average" pay and we're not even earning that. Most people on here have no idea what average pay is, what average industry pay is, etc. I voted "no" because I want to see A7 addressed, more guaranteed FT job creation & enforcement and stronger PT wages... but I'm not fooling myself - if this company offered me a $5K signing bonus, I'd vote "yes" in a heartbeat.
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    I wont argue that being part time means that there are struggles. What I want to know is if you believe we are being compensated well enough in our hourly rate?
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    PTers are not fairly compensated.