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    ... a customer complained that they have filed a pre-authorized form to DR packages on her front porch.

    but this was for FedEx Express & I didn't get any prompts on my scanner to do so. I had to explain to the customer that Ground/home delivery is a separate division of FedEx & would still need for her to sign my scanner


    this was the 2nd instance that I have run into; the other was to DR packages in a townhome with a shared hallway; I didn't do it since i was trained not to DR in cases like that. Customer complaint but was not paid since I said it was my call not to release it in a high claim area. Didn't know he had filed something similar to DR them in front of his door in plain view of the neighbors' doors

    they better work on integrating this to Home Delivery :smart:
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    You Did the Right procedure. Let them moan all they want. She file a claim its coming out your hide.
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    When I was in CRR school (for express) they told us if in doubt, don't del. the package.
    I've only had about 1 cust. ever tell me that they have a thing in w/FDX that we can leave pkgs.
    I tell them, well this one is DSR (direct sign) so that over-rules your signed thingy. They buy it.
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    7, thanks for that tip... and i'll tell them to blame the shipper for requesting that option :P

    she lives in a nice area & she should let the shipper know it's safe to DR to her huge front porch
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    Since Express went to Direct Signature and Indirect Signature options that the shipper pays extra for, we no longer set up recipient releases. We do honor previously set up releases unless the DSR or ISR is chosen by the shipper. But with our being allowed to release at residencies anyways the old releases only apply to businesses and situations that we normally wouldn't release to, like an apartment.
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    Had a DSR from a courier I was helping Friday. There was a note on the door to deliver across the street. I simply tagged the door like the note wasn't there. I saw the courier after my PM (he runs 4/10's) and he said I could have delivered across the street. I told him, 'BS, I don't do that for anyone. They can come pick it up'.
  7. Mr. 7

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    I'd do the same.
    Except on the door tag I'd write "sorry but, you have to sign for this in person"
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    You make it sound you're getting over on the customer. There's nothing for them 'to buy'. It's the way it is and that's all.
    My manager told me once to release a DSR at one of our board members 'get away' homes. I told her as long as I get something in writing, I will. Time to leave the building, still nothing. Nobody was at the house, the package came back to the building with me that night.
    It says it on the doortag, no?
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    for a direct sig, yeap... but some people wants to go around this step to TRY to indirectly have someone sign for it...

    in my area, they have this new statement on the "sorry, we missed you" doortags:

    if they don't want to sit home all day for the FedEx delivery person, they can call the 800 # to have it held at a local FedEx Office Location or at the terminal, whichever is closest for them... is it like that for your area as well?
  10. LTFedExer

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    Yup, we have FedEx Offices all over or they can request to hold at the station. They get any hold packages by 9:00. It's usually that areas couriers first stop.
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    This whole thing about residential DSR's is for the most part, they don't work! Most people aren't home and the logistics of trying to get their signature in person is like pulling teeth. All for an extra $2.75? Bad idea all around.
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    I guessed that's why they started doing this as an additional option: