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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownieworker, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. brownieworker

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    Im an unloader here in Ohio and it gets pretty darn hot in those trucks I have fainted and upchucked many times due to the heat.... how do people do it in the southern states? Do they have air conditioning or anything ? I don't see how anyone could even step foot in one of those things in the summer time down there..
  2. Brown_Eyed_Girl

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    I don't know if you noticed this or not, but it's snowing here in the northern part of the country. : )

    Can't fathom what it's like in a hot truck right now. Only thinking about how many layers to wear to work.
  3. drake0727

    drake0727 New Member

    I work in Texas and it sucks pretty bad in the summer.

    Like UPS will pay for an AC'ed hub...... please!
  4. Loufan

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    air conditioning? lol
  5. JonFrum

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    What does your Safety Committee say? Have you or they filed a grievance?

    Article 18 --- Safety and Health Equipment, Accidents and Reports
    Section 6. Building Heat
    "Centers will be heated, where practical.

    On a facility-by-facility basis, the Employer will evaluate whether additional ventilation or heat is needed for purposes of safety and health. This will include clerical work areas outside of office structures in the UPS facilities. Should clerical employees have concerns with respect to these two (2) issues, they shall be addressed by the appropriate local CHSP Committee. Should the local CHSP Committee not satisfactorily address the issue, a grievance may be filed and would be sent directly to the National Safety and Health Grievance Committee."
  6. Leftinbuilding

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    This thread kinda struck me as funny. Two days before Christmas, freezing cold, and snow in many parts, people scrambling to get the work done before Fri, and this guy wants to talk about the trailer heat, in the summer, in the southern states. :happy-very:
  7. ManUtd32780

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    My center is in east central Florida. It gets brutally hot here during March through November. It sucks but you get used to it. You just have to put up with people saying "You don't have air conditioning in those trucks?" and "Is it hot out today?".
  8. StopTheAct

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    Ive Unloaded Trucks in the Summer....
    and im in the South..

    How Do We do it....... Deal with it..
    Drink Pleanty of Water!!
    Be prepared to sweat.. i used to Bring 2 Shirts Sometimes...
    But now They Got it Easy... The Conveyor belt goes into the while truck..
    when I unloeaded.. we Worked!! No conveyors.. We used to push it out!!!
    and at a fast pace