How can you not blame union

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by siredline09, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. siredline09

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    HOW CAN YOU NOT BLAME UNION for not standing up UPS STOCK IS UP ALMOST 80 bucks and its XMAS!!! and they laying off alot of guys in my center and moving us around like we have no lives and stealing money from our checks by falsifying timecards but where is the UNION IN ALL THIS TELL ME!!! We need these guys to step up stop being weak!
  2. slantnosechevy

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    First of all what center or hub are you in? Falsifying timecards or what is entered in the Diad can get someone fired. Second, if you can prove that then someone will be spending time in the unemployment line real soon. I.E. isnt beyond firing an entire management team when it comes to this.
  3. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    You are the UNION. What are you doing to stand up to the company for your brothers and sisters?
  4. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    He is not going to do anything, all he wants to do is badmouth people while sitting on his couch. STAND UP AND FIGHT OR SHUT THE @#$% UP!!!!
  5. UnsurePost

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    In our local you cannot do that, it's literally not allowed. I understand what you are saying though.
  6. siredline09

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    OMG GRGRC88 right now im standing up and speaking the truth while you guys talk about having a 'small scratch in A ups truck and will that get me fired' at least i bring up real topics and believe me i have had stewarts in front of hundreds of drivers talking down to managers and sups so i stand up BROTHER! stop hating get off my *****
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  7. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Who is stopping you? Are you controlled by your union or are they controlled by the members?
  8. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Brother, I have no doubt you have an issue that you feel need aatention, and you have no idea how to rectify that situation. Your problem is now 10 fold though because you flew off the handle when trying to present your issue. Right now I doubt anyone really has any idea what your concern is. They are only seeing someone that has gone off the deep end .

    Calm down and tell us what is the true problem!!
  9. siredline09

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    GRGR yes im a union but not union where i can make changes thats up to OUR REPS and Top union guys to do the negotiations we are just members paying dues for us to have a better life at UPS but since my job is in jeopardy best believe im not going to not talk about my local or UPS Company and the things that are going on around xmas time where they are laying guys off and moving too preload while the union guys just bend over and take it STOCK IS UP AND ITS XMAS NUFF said
  10. hubrat

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    It's new policy hon. It's the company.
    We pay the union to help us but they can't read our minds. They won't do it all for us either.
    I've been in here begging for someone to join me for a month. We're gonna hafta make some noise.
    I'm not sure what we can do. It seems sorta the way the world's moving.
    I'm a writer not a talker. All I know how to do is stick my neck out here a little .
    I don't like trouble (go figure) but I get a little emotional about it all too.
    It may be worth the risk. Clearly ain't nobody else gonna do it.

  11. raceanoncr

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    Listen, sired, you're gettin dissed on here for your comments and ferver. Well, you have a right to be concerned. You say the union is not doing anything and you ARE the union and are IN the union. Let me ask you a couple questions that you don't have to answer here, on this forum, but I would like you to answer honestly in your heart.

    Have you been here since '97? Remember, I'm asking these questions, not to be flamed by those that didn't support in '97 or any other time before or since, I'm asking YOU, since you say you ARE the union. Did you walk the line in '97 or were you one that just HAD to go out and get another job for those two and a half weeks?

    Did you vote when the offer was accepted? I mean, actually send in your vote?

    Do you vote now? In local union elections? In regional or national elections? For Hoffa? For others? Do you vote at all?

    When this or any other contract is being considered or negotiated, do you attend proposal meetings at your local or any other place? Voicing your opinions on what you'd like to see in the new contract?

    Do you attend general membership meetings now? Why or why not?

    Do you talk to your local steward regularly? About concerns, problems, present or potential? Why or why not?

    There are many other questions that could be asked about your involvement by YOU, the UNION, but do you get the point? If you are totally immersed in your local union and STILL nothing is getting done, well, maybe YOU should be the one to step up! I did! Was steward til my last days cuz I didn't like what was being done and wanted some stability. I think we achieved that.

    Can you say that?
  12. Dragon

    Dragon Package Center Manager

    I guess the managers and supervisers were so impressed by the "talk down" that they layed off drivers, moved work to the preload and then made the stock go up. What in the heck!
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  13. siredline09

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    yea i attend the general assembly whenever they have a good one on sundays in my local but its all talk no action Sometimes!
  14. UPSGUY72

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    stop crying. I would love to know the building that is laying off people during peak are you trying to tell us that volume has dropped ? You come here complaining about the union not doing this and that but offer no proof to your problems. The union ( your local) is only as good you and your brothers and sisters that are in it. If you let the company push you around they will till you start to push back.

    I keep a pocket calendar and keep track of the time I punch in and out and what route I ran that day. That way if there is a problem with my pay I have documentaion on what hrs I worked so the SUP and I can compare what they have in the system foreach day.

    Remember if you have a problem file a grievance and call your BA. Also if they lay you off they have to call you back before they hire a new person.

    YOU NEED TO STEP UP if you have a problem instead of hiding behind your brothers and sisters becasue you are scared to speak up. you are not goingto get fired for speaking up about a problem. But from what you have said that is what your problem is.

    I sence that you
  15. bbsam

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    It's been a while since I sensed what I know to be true. Though I sensed it before, it's just since the previous post that it became clear: "You really can't fix stupid."
  16. raceanoncr

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    Oh, Ok. You "attend the general assembly whenever they have a good one..."

    Sorry, I missed that when you screamed, "Where is the union when you need it".

    I guess if they need YOU whenever, "they DON'T have a good one", that's OK. You don't have to go.

    Carry on.
  17. brownmonster

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    The Stock is up 80 bucks? What does that put it at, $150? Sweet!
  18. outta hours

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    Ask not what the union can do for you, but what can YOU do for the union. Start with that. Maybe you will be the catalyst for the changes you desire.
  19. tieguy

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    good luck with that.
  20. hubrat

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    What he said.