How do you handle difficult to deal with co-workers?

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I have a certain co-worker in my area who very frequently questions the way I perform my job. This co-worker is not nor has ever been a supervisor but talks to me as if they were management.

I do my job as I was trained to do and I have 10 years service at UPS so I definitely know what I am doing. This person has been at UPS half as long as I have and has no where near the experience performing the job as I do.

This co-worker also criticizes and says that I don't work with the team. (there are 5 people in my work area including myself). I work with them as a team as much as I can but never have officially joined the "clique". I basically come in to UPS ,do my work as I am expected to and go home.

Tonight this person got into my face yet again and I told said person "You are not my supervisor, quit questioning me and telling me what to do. Shut up and get out of my face".

Said co-worker then said " Don't tell me to shut up again or I will report you (for what I do not know-telling them to shut up????-thin skinned aren't we) I just looked at this person and said whatever and returned back to my work thinking it was over.

This co-worker then says "oh, you don't think I will?" I just ignored the comment, saying nothing further and finishing my job.

Now a few questions here. 1. How would you handle an obnoxious overbearing co-worker like this? 2. Could this be considered as harassment and 3. I felt like I was threatened by this co-worker due to the fact that they said they "would report" me even though I have done nothing wrong. (I construed this as a threat because she would be going to management and telling lies about me therby causing management to question me. I know this co-worker is just trying to intimidate me but I don't need management on my case if I've done nothing wrong).

Basically looking for answers on how to handle the situation. I just want to do my job and not be "harrassed" by fellow co-workers.


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I would mention it your supervisor and report the harassment. Especially aftr said employee threatened you. You better covr your back before he/she makes something up.


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It sounds to me that you handled it well. This person is not your supervisor and has no right telling you what to do. I might add that maybe you need to let your OnCar and center manager know what is going on, in case she starts lying to get you in trouble. It sounds to me like she should have been told to just shut up a long time ago.

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Oh yes they can, one preloader that I loathe does not pull his weight, I was sliding a box that he missed up the floor and it hit his foot. He went crying to management trying to get me fired for violence. He is 40 years old acting like a 3rd grader.


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Go to your sup ASAP, yea what you did was prolly best but she can say that was harrassment/ threatening too

Drewed, are you trying to use the word Probably? I've seen you use this word before and now am thinking it means something that I don't know. Just trying to keep up----Steve


Drewed, are you trying to use the word Probably? I've seen you use this word before and now am thinking it means something that I don't know. Just trying to keep up----Steve
as the night gets later and the case gets emptier the spelling and grammar suffers, but yes prolly=probably
sorry for the confusion:dissapointed:


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Back to the thread at hand, take him/her out back off the clock and give em a good thrashing

You have received mostly good advice here.

I would talk to both my supe and my steward. I have heard of instances of employees grieving about the behaviour of other employees. I would look into to that, also.



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u r prolly 2 old for internet speak

This has been and will continue to be a pet peeve of mine. Grunt brings up a good point--save the text for your cell. Here at the Brown Cafe we don't charge for messages so please feel free to use all of the letters in the alphabet when typing your posts. Seriously, it doesn't take that much longer to type all of the letters that these words were born with so please, if only for old-timers like me, grunt and others, type out the words. I may be asking too much here but it would also help if you used capitalization, punctuation and (god forbid) proper grammar and contextual clarity.

I read an interesting report that showed that nearly 1/3 of HS students have begun to incorporate text abbreviations in to their term papers and reports, and this has begun to creep in to college work as well. Students are also taking the shortcut of citing Wikipedia as a source when it is well known that anyone can post anything that they want on Wikipedia and it is then deemed as factual.

Now, back to the original point of the thread. You handled it quite well and I would hope that it would stop there but I don't think that it will. You may have to step it up a notch, perhaps to include a "chat" with this person after work. It would be one thing if this person were offering constructive criticism which would help you do your job more effectively but it sounds like she is trying to be your boss and that is not her role and she needs to back off.