how does scratching and pay work at bonus centers?

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    so I'm new to driving (qualifying) and have been wondering about how bonus works and don't feel like asking my boss or bothering other drivers . . so I'll bother you guys! I was under the impression it worked like this- for example, you worked 40 hours in 1 week, but you scratched 2 hours every day, so your planned week was 50 hours. don't you get paid for those extra 10 hours? if so, why isn't my paycheck reflecting this? I'm only getting paid for actual time worked. Is it because I'm qualifying? Do I get the bonus at the end of the year or something? Clearly, I'm entirely in the dark about this and would very much appreciate a little light.
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    You will not be paid any production bonus until you make seniority as a driver.
  3. Running a route in scratch means it was run in the time allowed. Bonus is the time after 8 hours that the route was completed
    Example you had a 9 hour dispatch and you got it done in 8 hours, you would make an hour bonus. If I remember correctly new drivers don't get bonus, you'll have to ask when you become eligible for bonus and it 's not retroactive. You will receive a nice pat on the back.
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    not only pats on the back, but I've also been getting rewarded with more work. it's great. I've been at ups long enough to know this is par for the course, but it makes me wonder if this is what I really want to do.

    anyways, thanks for clearing this up.
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    My advise.

    1) Don't get use to bonus. They giveth and they can taketh.
    2) Don't work for bonus. Work to complete your day and your career.
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    Suppose in your example you get it done in 7 hours. Do you get 1 hour of guarantee pay and 1 hour of bonus?
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    YES. If you have a 9 hour dispatch and you get it done in 7, you will get 1 hour at regular time, and 1 hour bonus at time and a half.

    My center anyway
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    I am sorry but what is scratch,
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Bonus here is paid at the straight time rate.

    If you had a 9 hour planned day and you completed it in 7 hours, you would be paid for 9 hours of straight time.

    It is important to note that the company does not make pension or H&W contributions on bonus hours, and bonus hours do not count towards vacation or sick pay accrual. In the case of a runner/gunner who routinely works less than 8 hours per day and subsequently gets hurt and goes out on comp or disability for an extended period of time, this can have serious ramifications.
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    Running "scratch" means you drove so many miles, made so many delivery and pickup stops, and a few other things in the planned amount of time. It uses a nearly impossible math formula to achieve a planned day based on you having a miracle day where everything goes right.
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    Isn't disability based on a percentage of your average check? I think the limit is also $500.00. I could be wrong.
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    I agree.
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    Are you going for full-time or cover driver? Cover drivers here don't get paid bonus.
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    Here again, we see how things differ from one center to the next. Our cover drivers are full time and get bonus.
  16. You don't get bonus just your guarantee at straight time
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So you have to work at least 8 hours to get bonus pay?
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    You have to get to 8 hour guarantee before bonus kicks in. If you work 7 and its a planned 8.5 day, you get the 8th hour of straight time and .5 hour of time and a half.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    OK, I'm more confused than when I started. If you are dispatched at 9 hours and do it in 7 do you get 1 hour guarantee pay and 1 hour bonus or do you just get the guarantee pay?
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    It's simple: If you finish a 9 hour day in 7 hours...

    (a) You're a hero

    (b) You get paid 9 hours for 7 hours of work.