How many miles per day? Is 300 a day too many? FedEx Ground

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  1. How many miles per day? Is 300 a day too many? FedEx Ground
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  3. what's greasy? the question or the fact that I'm driving 300 miles a day?
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    Are you paid by the mile?
  5. No but I wished I was!
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    At the rural terminal I operated out of a 400 mile day was run on several occassions. A lot has to do with the fact of whether you had the roads to average 50 mph or 30 mph.
  7. What was the daily pay for 400 mile day?
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    Southeast: Iwas a contractor. What I got out of it was what was left over after expenses. As for contractor employees who ran that kind of mileage their per diem converted to a wage relative to the length of day would be about $9.50 or so all straight time.
    Now when they drove for the company and hired through a staffing agency they made out much better and that is why they all preferred to drive for the staffing agency. Hope I answered your question.
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    The pay for a high mileage route usually isn't much different than a city route. You do far less work. It's much easier.
  10. As in Randstad
  11. Called Milking the clock but at the same time getting packages to the destination
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    It's all depends on the area.

    Down south I drove 300-350 miles/day and did about 40-50 stops per day. In a major city up north I drove 10-15 miles/day and did about 100-110 stops and now I drive 50-60 miles delivering 80-100 stops.
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    Yes and no. During the summer? Absolutely. During the winter? Not so much.
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    I prefer rural mileage routes any day. The people are nicer, dogs nicer, and if you break down or get stuck someone will always stop to help. In the populated areas your on your own and get honked and flipped off for being in their way. And if you get in and out every 2-10 miles, then thats an easy job right there.
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    Serco: With all due respect a rual route is ok in summer if you can tolerate the heavy dust those unpaved townshop roads stir up.Winter is another story those same township roads have no cross pipes, no catch basins, no way to control the runoff which means that the water will just lay there and freeze and when it gets dark at 4:30 pm it becomes a suicide mission and the private lanes that you have to try to traverse in those conditions, I just want to wash the memories of those out of my head. Just to survive out there I had to buy a Quigley 4X4 conversion operating out in that environment you had to have off road capability.
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    Any reason to buy a Quigley is a good reason.
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    Yes winters and washboard dirt roads provide different challanges. Worn out suspensions, rattles, dirt, mud... Bulky, condensed, high volume routes, Im just not a fan of. And the core zones suck. Advantages and disadvantages ar every corner. Still better than trying to collect payment for goods and services, on any of the other business adventures ive been in.
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    Indeed Mr. Serco: The core zone sucks. You know why? The core zone formula is blind to RD's. It's based on a straight line to the incorporated borough. One zone I had was based on 25 straight line miles to that particular town. What it didn' t factor in was the 480 Rd carrier miles that required 8 rural mail carriers to cover it. What an enormous miscalculation.
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    FedEx engineers. Paid the big bucks for providing erroroneous information. Yet managers see their "results" as gospel.
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    Nicer dogs? I had a German Sheppard give me a flat in my Econoline, a Blue Healer tried to rip my legs off (he missed), a Dachshund bite my ankle, etc etc. The rest I agree with. I was pulled out out of the mud a few times by people just passing by, invited to have lunch from a regular medical delivery, invited to a few parties, etc.