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    I'm a newer driver in my center (6 months now), and so I've gotten bumped off the road when we came up short of cars this week.

    Wednesday I was used as a helper by two different drivers, ran a package between them in my personal vehicle, and had around 5 hours in the car.

    Yesterday, I was told at 7:00 that I'd be used as a helper. I called back in at 9 to find out where to go, and was told that they didn't know I was an option and had nobody for me to help. They kept asking "do you want the day off" and I kept responding "I want to work" until they finally said "you're off today.

    Today I'm apparently helping again.

    I prepared a claim for unemployment based on being layed off yesterday, but I want to make sure that I'm under an 8-hour guarantee at driver scale pay for the days I work as a helper. I've been told that, as a full-time employee, I'm guaranteed 8 whenever I work, but I haven't been in the building since Tuesday to be able to verify it with anyone. I probably have some claim to money from the company for Thursday, because I know they used off-the-street helpers, but I'd prefer to get that without going to extreme measures. If that's the only day I get screwed on, I'll go through the state as long as they don't fight me on it.
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    From the Central Region Supplemental Agreement, Article 12, Section 7:

    "Each full-time employee put to work shall have a daily guarantee of eight hours of work."

    Not much ambiguity there, but I don't think I'm covered under the 6-hour guarantee for Thursday. I didn't technically report to work that day, I called back. I still have a case, but it would be nice if it were all in one place.
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    From my experience one cannot collect unemployment for one missed day of work. Unemployment only kicks in when you are no longer employed. That has been the case in every state I have ever worked in.
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    Um, isn't a full-time employee allowed to lay off up to two part-time employees to get hours? I suggest you talk to your shop steward or call your business agent.
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    I don't know ANY state that allows you to file unemployment based on a day to day status. Either you are currently employed or not...

    IF you were denided work and someone with LESS SENIORITY was given work you can file a grievence and collect money that was paid to someone with less seniority... Get with your union steward...
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    It says in the supplemental part of the contract "a fulltime employee may displace 1 or 2 parttime employees provided they have more total company seniority" Or "A fulltime employee who chooses not to excersise their seniority may take the layoff for the purpose of umemployment compensation" Thats give or take a few words but you get the picture.
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    If the center needs someone to take the day off, they need to ask the senior driver if he/she wants it off first. If he/she doesn't want it, management has to go down the seniority list and ask everyone else. I'm sure another driver would have taken the day off if it was offered.
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    Management, generally, is too lazy to do this or they ask their favorite drivers irrespective of seniority.

    .....or some management don't understand the concept of seniority.
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    Aint that the truth!

    Many times junior men go home because "he doesn't know your route".

    Management team is too damn lazy to train anyone.
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    your right on that one they need to train me on more than the 3 routes i know. I'm sick of them throwing me back on my training route at least once a week!
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    If the junior employee wants to work and the senior employee wants the day off, I think management should let (or force) said junior employee go out blind. As a cover driver I learned the majority of my routes blind. The sups just don't want to train anybody unless its absolutely necessary. When management is in a bind they have no problem sending a driver out blind. If they don't want to train I think they should send more 'rookis' out blind.

    I think it would benefit everyone. The driver gets a day off. The cover driver gets to work, and now management benifts with their cover driver knowing another route.:thumbup1:
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    I'm down for that, I can read a map. I think I learn better on my own.


    Getting sent out blind sucks NUFF said!
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    Where the hell are you that your working as a helper in he central region? It's not peak there shouldn't be any helpers working.
  15. brown bomber

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    5 1/2 yr. post...from peak season of 2006
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    You resurrected someone's dead grandmother to say THIS?
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    Here is PA you can collect partial unemployment if you are normally a full time worker and they cut your hours down. Unemployment will make up the difference so you get FT pay for the week. I am not sure of the requirements but I am sure there are a lot.
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    There is no training around here. You teach new routes to yourself! Those who can't learn new routes on their own get stuck on undesirable routes!