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    Several times now I have been told I would "be cover driving tomorrow" only to be called an hour before I am due to report and told there is no route.

    I know that I can be called with little notice that they need me to drive... and that I understand. What doesn't seem right is that I clear my schedule because there is the promise of work communicated by supervision only to be told not to report at the last minute.

    Is there contract language that dictates how much notice UPS should give that a prior communicated commitment to work is now gone?
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    No you are a :censored2: is you sign the intent sheet. Grow thick skin and wait it out.
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    Does it sound like I have thin skin? Guess you meant if not is.

    So an hour before my local sort shift they could call and tell me not to report? What if I don't answer the phone and report as instructed, do they send me home?
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    If your center has posted start times, and there is a start time next to your name, then you can get paid.

    I'm guessing this is not the case. You are a cover driver. No guaranteed work. You knew this when you signed up.
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    Right, so I can be told to report tomorrow at 8:30 and then at 8:29 be told I am not working? Surely this can not be policy...

    Here is another way to ask the question. How much notice does UPS have to give to change report times... an hour?!
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    In my center, this was a practice used by supervisors. Do not answer(I repeat do not answer the phone) and report to work. If they tell you that they dont need you, than get a steward (preferably) or another driver to witness you saying that you were told to report and you want to work. The supervisor can do one of two things. Put you to work or send you home. If he sends you home,then file a grievance for your 8 hrs. Play the game !!!
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    We've had a similar issue in this area. They want the ALO drivers to come in a stand around every morning till they decide if there is work for them that day. Our contract says you must be available for work until the latest posted start time in the center. You have one hour from the time THEY CALL YOU to punch in and begin your day. If you don't answer the call they go to the next person on the ALO list. If you have a posted start time you are entitled to show up pay if you don't work.
  8. Bagels

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    In my building, the bid sheets indicate TCD is an on-call position and that you need to be available up to one hour before scheduled generalized start for the center you're assigned to. Your supervisor shouldn't be "guaranteeing" you work, but rather suggesting there's a high likelihood that you'll be driving. If you were to grieve, he'll likely insist he never guaranteed you work.

    Where I'm at TCD are required to report to their PT shift, unless they've been told otherwise. We have two shifts. If you work Local Sort, you merely wait for UPS to call - if they don't, you report in the evening. But for Preload, they notify you the day before. If it turns out they don't need you after all, you can work Local Sort that evening.

    Yes, the system sucks, but you signed up for it knowing what it is.
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    I do air exception work. Get up in the AM and get ready to work when or if they call. Top on the list so not many days I do not get called. Other choice is to find a day job and work PT UPS job. Or just work PT and drive Sat.
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    Been on local sort for five and a half years,... I also have a daytime job with flexible hours. When I am told I am needed to drive I make arrangements. The center understands that their chances are increased to have me there if they can tell me in advance. I am also the bottom of the list, so when they get down here if I say no they have to collapse routes...

    See attached. In the first example I drove last Friday I was called off at the last minute.
  12. Bagels

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    Arguably, the only advance notice UPS is mandated to give is to PTers (in locals which TCD are required to work their PT shift) who could not legally drive should they work their scheduled sort. Since you work Local Sort, that does not include you. Instead, UPS is providing you advanced notice as a courtesy. Based on the text messages, you could grieve for a day's pay, but the company would argue that it had no obligation to provide you advanced notice and did so merely as an informal courtesy (because you asked) but you were aware that this was not firm and they had up to an hour prior to start to change their staffing. If you did indeed succeed, you would no longer receive any prior advance notice. Thus, it's a no-win situation for you.

    What sucks about seasonal & TCD is that often your life revolves around UPS, as the company staffs based on preliminary forecast but does not make finite decisions until the last minute. I completely agree that it impedes heavily on your life, which is why I relinquished seasonal. Yet the decision making process is financially successful for UPS, there's no shortage of willing applicants for these jobs and the union has no problem with it thus nothing's likely to change anytime soon. If it's truly disrupting your life (as it does for many of us), it's best to give the job up. Once you know what you've gotten yourself into, it's hard to empathize with you given that we've all been there, done that.
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    I know in some locals that have PT time cover driver language. It states that the company has to give you a one to three day notice depending on the local. Get a local union book and found the language. Most likely it will be under the layoff section.
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    It doesn't appear the topic's directly addressed in any supplement/rider. The position's called different names regionally (part-time coverage driver, single day coverage driver, temporary cover driver - and others) with different restrictions on the company's use. In some areas, TCD are not required to work a PT sort when not driving. But in most they are and use the generic language that you follow local established seniority practices when you're told you're needed & work the PT sort as directed when you're not. Just reiterating what I wrote earlier, it more-or-less means that if management tells you that you may be driving, you'll be on call for that day (need to be available up to one hour before start) but if management tells you that you won't be driving, you need to work your scheduled PT sort. The OP may be able to win a days' pay through grievance hearings, but it's in his best interests not to file as he'll get generic 'you're on call tomorrow'-type responses in the future that will harden his situation.
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    I guess you didn't read the end of my post. He should open his union book.
  16. Bagels

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    I did. And then I searched through a database of UPS contracts using the keywords "cover driver" and "coverage driver." I did not find any supplement or ride that explicitly addresses the issue, as you suggested. Hence my subsequent response. If you found the language in your supplement / rider, maybe you'd like to share?