How to gain top out pay as a courier

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    My station has had 3 mangers in the last year go from ops manager back to being a courier. I didnt quite understand the move till I inquired further. All are 5-7 year employees. As an ops manager at my station you see a solid 50-55 hours a week, but its salary whether they work 40 hrs or 55hrs, they get paid the same. If you go from OPS manger to courier your start automatically at topout pay. Thats right, all these managers went to courier, and make more then their coworkers who have been driving many years longer. What these guys discovered is going from salary manager to a topout hourly courier they make much more a year then they would staying as an ops manager. So I figure, go through aspire, take an ops job anywhere you can find no matter how bad a station or location, then simply put in your offer letter commit duration (1-2 years I believe depending on station) then bid out asap for a courier position of your choosing. One can become a manager within several years of being with the company if things line up right. If you want to stay in express long term this may be an option to truly consider. Its not ideal or easy but its the only way possible from what I can tell.
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    Actually, if you can figure out a way to get released from your contract, according to FedEx policy If somone is a manager for 1 day they can drop down to courier and be topped out. Also, the Aspire program is going to be changed as of June 1 of this year. If you are currently in the program you have until May 31 to finish and 2 years to nab a management position otherwise you will be required to start the new program. So if you not currently in Aspire I would suggest waiting till June 1 if your conisidering this option.


    We found out the new requirements this morning from our senior. You have to lie, like a Persian rug. You have to be willing to stab employees in the back willingly. And, most importantly, you have to believe every freaking word that comes out of MT3's mouth...hell, all of MEMH. If they say that the dog turd on the floor is a freshly unwrapped Tootsie roll, you should greedily snap it up and make a Kool-Aid drinking employee enjoy it. You get extra credit if you get a union-sympathizer to do it.
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