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    I work in a large UPS hub and was curios about changing areas and how one would go about doing such a thing. My supervisor and I do not get along and I hate going to work now and constantly fear for my job due to haven been given a occurrence for being fifty seconds late. With the tram system as wacky as it is I can only hope I get their on time after arriving 25 minuets before start time.
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    Most supplements don't give you the right to a specific "area" only to a job (load or unload) or to bid on a preferred job (small sort, irregs, clerk, etc.). If you're in the outbound, you can request to be moved to the unload before they hire anyone off the street. You can also bid on a preferred job -- go find the bid lists and put your name on every one, they all beat the hell out of loading/unloading trucks.

    Your supervisor is a chump. If he starts harassing you, file grievances. It's really easy.
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    You can transfer and still be a Red Sox fan.

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    So I cannot move to a different area and preform the same job just in a different building? I was thinking about going to HR and just saying I am not getting along with my area and just trying to get into another area.
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    Also what type of grievances can I file? The union doesn't educate us well. I just want to transfer to another area within the hub just doing the same job for someone else.