How Will They Rate The Bush Legacy?

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    Check back in 20 years and he could be remembered for something that we don't even think of as important today.

    Reagan was very unpopular when he left office and now even Obama tries to emulate and reference him.

    Truman was considered a total goof but not now.

    Carter was considered ineffective and still is, although his draconian fiscal policies helped to make Reagan look great.
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    I just feel sorry for all the comedians----their main source of material just left the building. ( I'll give Bush credit for one thing though---He had great reflexes--------- especially when being bombarded with shoes):peaceful:
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    Biden is still around and Hillary as Sec of State will be good fodder. After 6 months or so Barack will start getting it too...honeymoon will be over.
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    They will rate him number 1 all time for atleticism :happy-very: that will always be remembered for me, that was a funny incident, the way he ducked
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    When will Jeb run ?
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    He was one of the funniest!!!!
    I love that clip of him flip-in off the camera.
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    Jack hunter forgets that Bush never came in as a true conservative. Bush ran as a compassionate conservative .Bush ran as a much more mainstream republican. He was however able to capture the conservative vote something McCain could not do. The jack hunters conservatives turning their back on the republican party is what now puts true conservatives in the nightmare scenario of a a liberal president and liberal congress. Conservatives were miffed that they did not have caviar on the election menu and must now endure four or more years of ivy league speech writing with little substance from the great messiah. Perhaps we can learn to feel good from the speechs while ignoring the pain that is sure to come.

    History will be much kinder to Bush then the many of todays folks. In fact I'll take it a step further. Iraq is at this point is won. If Iraq continues to progress in a positive direction and become a beacon of democracy in the middle east then Bush will become the genius that orchestrated this miracle.

    The elections were interesting. The public continously gave congress lower approval ratings then bush but yet somehow forgot that congress would have as much responsibility or more for todays economic woes. So what do we do we promote one member of the bunch to president and add more idiot liberals to the group so we can further screw ourselves out of a sound financial future.

    We do have hope on the horizon. Ron Paul is the smartest man in the world as he will quickly tell anyone that will listen. Hell he even thinks he is smart enough to grill the federal reserve guy Bernacke on finances. Anyone remember the crazy aunt in the basement that Ross Perot provided us?

    Anyone see the market swoon on innaugeration day as the dow dumped another 280 points. For some reason Obama is not getting wall street too excited. You would think all his great ideas of "Change" for the sake of change would have wall street excited and buying heavily.

    In the world of UPS management we had a time when management was a partnership. Partners were expected to hold onto their stock until they retired and never sell it. Owning it was considered a special privledge. The worst insult a divison or district manager could give you was to suggest he would be selling his stock after seeing how poorly a partner managed his part of the business.

    Wall street sends that message every day as the great orator takes over the reins of the presidency.

    Four years ago GW trashed John kerry. His overall vote totals adjusted for population growth were equallly as strong or stronger then Obama's. At that time the democratic party was viewed as a disorganized group of too many special interest groups trying to maintain some type of alliance. The republican party now has that dubious distinction as various sections of the party has fractualized by degree of conservatism. GW to his credit was a uniter.

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    I give Bush alot of credit for not allowing anymore terrorist attacks on our soil.....Many people were arrested throughout the years
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    No terrorist attacks


    Too numerous to list here
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    another thought on the subject. Clinton basically left the white house in disgrace having been impeached for lying about his affairs. In todays world he is now fondly remembered with his sins not forgotten but certainly diminished. Nature of the job. We truly never appreciate the president and his public service until he becomes the ex.

    Obama has the opportunity to do well and set his party up for years to come. Time will tell if he is up to the job.
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    many more pro's can be found if you truly judge his record during the time of his presidency when he had a supportive congress. Otherwise:

    No terrorist attacks.2688 days without another attack on american soil. What will the future bring? The elimination of torture in interrogation will eliminate what has been a vital soure of intelligence in preventing other attacks. How will the US now gather the intelligence to stop future attacks. Will potential terrorist now give us this information because we give them a hug and pat on the bottom?

    Successful conclusion in Iraq. many thought a democratic Iraq was impossible due to the clear religious differences of the three main partys.
    In fact he was successful in two wars and 50 million formerly oppressed citizens of these countries now enjoy freedom.

    Guess what the oil baron gets credit for the lowest fuel prices we have seen in many years.

    banned partial birth abortions

    Disarmed Libya of its chemical, nuclear and biological WMD's without bribes or bloodshed

    funded abstinance training

    turned around a post 9/11 economy that was in deep shock. Responsible for 52 straight months of some of the strongest growth in the world.

    provided us with two tax cuts one being one of the largest ever.

    eliminated the marriage penalty

    funded support for americans with disabilities that wanted to work from home.

    signed the no child left behind act which was at its time one of the more radical change in education and challenged the liberal concept of low expectations.

    implemented strong testing and acountability in education.

    signed the largest nuclear arms reduction treaty ever with Russia.

    led the most extensive reorganization of the federal beaurocracy in 50 years.

    set up new health care spending accounts allowing americans to save up to 4500 dollars a year tax free for medical expenses.

    started the usa freedom corps the most comprehensive clearing house of volunteer opportunities.

    provided extensive support in fighting malaria and HIV around the world. Even lauded by Sting for his help in fighting HIV.

    Modernized Medicare with prescription drug benefits provided through competition, not delivered by government. The program is costing 40% less than projected because market forces dominate and people -- not government -- are making the decisions.

    Lead by conviction. Americans despise politicians who govern by poll. Bush led and stood firm in his beliefs. His firm convictions allowed the surge to work in Iraq when many critics including Obama were willing to throw in the towel.
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    Actually, he left office with an approval rating of 65%, which is the highest end of term approval rating since FDR (hard to beat a guy who just won the 2nd world war). The only ones who got all worked up about Lewinsky were republican officials, as during the entire impeachment fiasco his approval rating with the american public rarely dropped below 60%.

    His low points came during his first term, with NAFTA and the failed health care initiative. He never got as bad as Bush though. His approval ratings now are pretty much what you would expect for a president who enjoyed broad popular support throughout his presidency.
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    Funny how memory works. :funny:

    As I remember, all those Republican congressman who were serving to try and remove Clinton from office by impeachment for his "sins" were voted out of office within 4 years of the impeachment attempt.

    Agree that Clinton is a slimy little f*** but the country was doing well, economy was strong and deficit was being reduced.
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    Tie, thank you for adding to my list of Pro's. I admit that I was simply replying to the post and not looking to compile an actual list.
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    Bill was well liked by the public and often did well on popularity polls but the fact remains
    he was impeached for dishonesty. Fact is he was caught having an extra marital affair in the white house. Not sure how you could say he was anything but disgraced.
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    That is true the memory does work funny. Many will tell you that they think the economy was in good shape when clinton left office. Forgetting or not realizing that the economy was actually in a recession when Clinton left office. Bush inherited an economy that was in recession.