How's the view???........


You smell that?
You might be a redneck if........

I dont know what's worse; the flag, the folding chairs they probably stole from a church or the half burned Keystone Light box in the ashes.


15 more years of this!
I've "caught" a few snakes with my truck but never stopped to take pictures.

and i think you could have made that. the trick is going at speed and right before you hit the tree/overhang, you hit the brakes. This makes the front end dive, making it lower and you can get under the overhanging object. then just hammerdown and listen to the limb slide across the top of your truck. So i hear anyway :winks:


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govols............the worst is a red tractor........all social climbing rednecks know that John Deere is the way to go and they are green with yellow trims. Even rednecks have 'standards'.


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I'm surprised to see my old preloader is still employeed

In is defence, he was a seasonal hire loading 4 trucks. Kind of pissed me off to see him actualy tossing the packages in from the slide. His excuse was that there wasn't enough room. That was certainly true, but it could of been less of a cluster Fudge, had someone shown him how to improve a load. What tripped me off the most during my peak experiece was how every day I came in they added another 10-25 stops...ALL to the 8,000 section. Some of the other shelf spaces only had 20-30 stops spa'd to them. By 1pm I was working from the 8,000 shelf. But, what diffrence does it really make when it comes down to that kind of work load in a 500. The other problem i was having was I was running what I think you would call a split route?? I had work from a bunch of other routes. So I would be in one area for an hour, then drive 10-15 miles away to another area. No big deal, until you find that package that was suppose to be dropped off in the first area. Sorry about the ramble, i am sure you all live with it day in and day out. Just feels good to vent. One last thing, started UPS a year and 1/2 ago. Weighed 235lbs. Quickly dropped and leveled out at 205lbs. By the end of peak I was down another 10lbs. Now I am at 210 and still climbing. I give you drivers a lot of credit. hard work.

My heaviest day was 297 stops, and a little over 100 miles. The last 20 stops I pulled off another driver

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during peak....PC-500 260+ stops, 350+ packages, taken from the bulk head door
This is the kind of stuff I was talking about in the thread a thought from a dumb driver. WHY IS THIS EVER ACCEPTIBLE? My loader does this all the time and the mgt. never says a word to him.


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When I worked preload for one day, I at least made the "pile" "orderly," stacked very neatly. everything was somehow accessible. What a crazy world.