How's the view???........

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    Uncle Buck, your link does not work.
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    on route.jpg

    Rural route mansion
    on route.jpg
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    That is funny. I LMAO!
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    Neatly aligned chairs?
    Trash barrel?
    Safe fire area?
    No empty shotgun shells on the ground?
    What kinda wannabe redneck party was that?
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    I must be weird, I kinda like the concept.
    A very artful use of individual space and keeping a sense of communal living space.
    As I said, I must be weird.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Package Car Limbo!!! TA TA TA TA TA DADA... TA TA TA TA TA DADA!
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    Damn, quit having babies :happy-very:
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    That tree looks weird. Hah.
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    Almost need to keep an axe in your truck on that route :happy-very:
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    If you really look at this it is brilliant design in condo living. The coolest part is the box car with the sun room attached.

    Hmmmmm...Sat, maybe it's a Texas thang..
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    This is the view on the way to my route.
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    Steve, thank you for bringing this thread back on track. commence.
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    verdevalley 001.jpg

    On a rare occasion we actually get snow!
    verdevalley 001.jpg
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    This was a great idea Cement. I'd love to see more pics. Esp. water pics. Thanks Steve and everyone else that posted water pics. They are all beautiful. I love water.
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    Here's an old one I took. If you look cloe enough there is a rainbow

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    Right smack dab in the middle. COOL!

    How do I get my pics that size?
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    use photobucket and use IMG tags
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    And that means what? And how?