How's the view???........


Since everyone has bad weather pics, here's some from Tropical storm Fay,
last summer. I'm glad it was water and not snow,
it would have been like 20 feet of snow. Poor guy in this Bronco,
thought he was turning in to Sonic to get a quick bite to eat.
I knew this FedEx guy for 3 years before I started at UPS.
We used to play softball with a bunch of other FedEx guys.
He moved to AZ for awhile, and then, transferred back again.

Big Babooba

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Hey Big Babooba. Clean the dust and dirt of your camera on your phone and they won't look so cloudy.
The camera couldn't compensate for the bright sunlight. You notice the pic from inside the cab came out better. (Through a dirty windshield of course.)
Big Babooba, did you have to drag your two wheeler up there? I see tracks, I think.
Never! It doesn't have snow tires or chains.:wink2:

outta hours

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Here is one my buddy took of me last week. Trying to keep ya'll from getting laid off. Getting that volume however we can.:wink2:

extra work.jpg
extra work.jpg


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I like the "velvet" look. Gosh, summer and I still see ice on the water....yikes!
That is Joe Wright Lake on Hwy 14 northwest of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. It was early June and we got snowed on up there! The drive on 14 from Ft. Collins to Hwy 40 south of Steamboat Springs was gorgeous! Highly recommended of you're ever out there.


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I think I told you the story of when she answered the door holding a towel to cover up. I needed a signature, so she looks back and forth from DIAD to stylus (needs both hands to sign, ones holding up the towel).
Sighs, tosses the towel over my arm, grabs stylus and DIAD and signs.

So now she doesn't bother with the towel anymore. Works for Victorias Secret, whatever that is.

God I hate that stop.
Sounds like the view is nice!


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Here is Sunset Beach, North Shore of Oahu. I have fallen off a surfboard a few times near here. This is one of my favorite photos.
Canon A40 051.jpg