How's the view???........


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This Florida Soft Shelled Turtle crossed the street while I was making residential deliveries. I jumped out of the pkg car and snapped away. This guy jumped at me as I got these close ups. Like at that beautiful face.

Perfect nose to kiss up to the Center Manager !!!!:happy-very:


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Personally, I prefer the attachment button in the reply to thread window. It's the button on top that looks like a paper clip. This will put smaller thumbnail pictures in your post, that when clicked on will go to the bigger size. After that, if clicked on again, it will go to another window and display the original picture size. This way you don't have the thread window going extra wide, where you have to scroll sideways to read and see the whole picture. Just another option for all you picture happy posters. Almost forgot to attach my pics from today. Hope all you winter people enjoy them.
Thanks Steve! this was extremely easy!


Funny you should mention the fence. One side has been torn down,
as we live next to a commercial property, which is being built upon.
So instead of a fence, we now have a moat.