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    At my hub we recently had several feeder jobs open up. Estimates that I heard were 12-18 positions were available. Twice a list was posted for combo and fulltime workers to bid on those positions, but not many current combo or fulltime employees were interested. The last list that was posted only one combo person put a bid on this set of jobs. I had thought the next step was to post a list for part-timers to have a shot at these jobs, but I have been told by a friend who is a feeder driver that they filled the open positions with outside hires instead of giving part-timers the opportunity to move up. I know the ratio for inside vs. outside hires is 6:1, but is that not true for part-timers anymore? The people just now getting combo jobs in my hub have 10-11 years seniority, and I was thinking this was a good opportunity to cut down on that wait. I doubt I had any real shot at those positions, and with school I couldn't devote the time needed anyways. I just think it sucks for those that would have been eligible otherwise. Has anyone else had this happen at their hub? Was there anything that was done or could be done about it?
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    File with the union, you will win. However I would confirm the story with feeder management or HR before that, just to be sure what's happening. It would be unlikely that no one wanted the feeder jobs. Around here they are gone before the list is up for one day.
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    Here, you have to have at least two years safe driving to qualify for a feeder position. If you are not even driving, you can't qualify. Hence, they go outside to experienced drivers to fill the void.
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    "...feeder management or HR...." will tell you anything they think you are stupid enough to believe and probably several versions of it.
    Have them show you, in writing, where it specifically says part-timers can't bid on these feeder jobs. If they can't, then file.
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    In our bldg combo workers are not allowed to bid for feeder slots either. You have to pay you dues as a full time pkg driver first. When combo jobs did become available there were guys who wanted to take the pay cut and bid these jobs, but were unable to. I think you have to have 20yrs full time senority in pkg before you can bid on a combo job now, although I am not positive.
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    I know they are letting combos sign up for them as my friend was combo before he was feeder. I've talked to a lot of the combo guys in my hub and most don't want the jobs because they are afraid they won't get their regular 40hrs/week or just don't want to drive period.
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    Good news for part-time employees:

    National contract language states "providing part-time employees the opportunity to become full-time employees is a priority of this agreement" and "will offer part-time employees the opportunity to fill at least twenty thousand permanent full-time job openings throughout its operations" Art 22, Sec 3, National Contract language.

    "Part-time employees shall be given the opportunity to fill full-time jobs before hiring from the outside on a six for-one basis." Art 22, Sec 4, National Contract language.

    Any qualifications to this will be in your regional supplemental and could mildly vary.

    In the Central Region supplemental, Any full-time employee with 6 months of seniority that can meet the job requirements (DOT qualifiable, etc.) has the right to bid on any full-time job that has been opened up beyond the immediate classification.

    Bad news for part-time employees:

    In reality, classifications outside of driving (clerk, porter, feeder, etc) are currently coveted by high seniority full-time employees which precludes lower seniority full-timers and all part-timers from having much chance of successfully bidding on such.

    Outside of the occasional 22-3 job that National language attempts to discourage full-time employees from bidding on through wage penalties the only full-time job openings that are available for part-time employees will be the basic driving position jobs.

    Regarding the specific question of Tractor-Trailer driving, this is a unique classification that has an extra qualification requirement in many supplementals that would preclude 22-3 full-timer employees as well as most part-time employees.

    For example in the Central Supplemental you have to notify management of your desire to be tractor-trailer trained.

    To qualify for training you must have one year of UPS safe driving for the year preceding your application to attend such training which would disqualify those previously mentioned classifications as well as clerks, porters, etc.
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    I thought it was two years but I never wanted the job.
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    Like so much of the contract it varies per supplemental.
    My area it is one year. Art 3, Sec 14 Central Supplemental.
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    I don't mean to be the wet blanket on this parade but the question you ask should go to your business agent at whatever local you belong to. Feeder job openings and bids are usually closely scrutinized by both UPS and the teamsters. It appears the policy is consistent in that bidding goes to all full time employees first, then part time and then outside. You either face a situation where you have different local language for whatever reason or some one has royaly screwed up. Your BA can answer that question.
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    Our contract book is useless. Dont waste your time.