Hurricane Dennis

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  1. Just sitting here like a lot of folks around the country watching this storm and would like to know how you folks handle these situations.Do you completely shut down operations or what?We are keeping you on our prayers...
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    We just got brushed by it, here north of Tampa.
    Just left a near by fishing peir. the water level is way up and rougher then usual with some strong breezes but nothing serious here.

    While I was there, though, I could have used a camera phone. Saw a genuine home made 'redneck houseboat' pulling out from the boat ramp and putting away into the gulf.

    Imagine a regular 20' john boat, with an aprx. 6' high by 8' long, and boat wide plywood box with 2 door cutouts on each end and a window on both sides with a pick up cap as a roof.

    Gave myself and the others there a good laugh.
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    We are suppose to call a 1 800 number in the morning to see if we will operate. I have heard we have alot of county roads closed. Will prabably have alot of trees down.
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    On the customer counter registers the net message is to mention to customers shipping into these southern states that their shipments may be delayed (and weather excused as far as the guarantee).
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    We took the Big three storms here last year. We went back ASAP and had to do a LOT of walking around downed trees and powerlines.The worst part was the major highway intersections that had no traffic lights- they were blown off of the poles.
    Even with no power in the area, most folks were ecstatic to see something normal happening.
    UPS did send a trailer full of water to our building and I hope that they do that to the centers in the strike area of Dennis.
    Since the supply was enormous, we were allowed to take some out of the building to help our customers that still did not have power. It was a great feeling to help!
  6. We here in the "Razorback" state got the rain today from the hurricane.Just glad all you folks there are ok...We did have several Florida visitors staying in our facilities for the weekend....
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    I just hope Emily goes to Mexico. Between Cindy and Dennis I'm sick of this :censored2:!!!!!!!