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    This evening when i returned to the building, i did my usual, get gas wash the truck pull clerk work emptied my garbage can. i than parked my truck in the correct bay and unloaded my smalls in totes, grabbed my jacket and proceeded to walk from my truck to the center.

    Well this is were it goes wrong, the floor is wet from all the washed trucks pulling in. Walking like i do every other night and than BAM i slipped on some oil and few into the air landing on my left hip and wrist. Stunned for a few seconds i attempted to get up and kept sliding, 5 drivers and a feeder sup saw me, and the sup came over and asked me if i was OK. I told him i believe so just a little more embarrassed than anything. He told me i should walk on the grating in the middle of the aisle because its safer. I do not see how walking on wet metal is safer?

    I go into my center and the on car sup is on his cell phone, i interrupt him and tell him there is an oil spill and someone else could get hurt, he puts his hand up as to say safety can wait I'm on the phone right now.

    I'm finishing my turn in and the other drivers are asking me if I'm OK, the sup than gets off of his phone about 10 Min's later and starts to talk to a driver about doing some safety assessment questions on the computer. I asked him if he could please address the oil spill i tiold him about 10 Min's ago, he than sets up the computer for the driver to to take the test.

    I grab my left wrist and i have a large bump on it and its getting painful and swollen. I told this on car sup that i hurt my wrist in the fall, he than walks me out to the aisle about 15 minutes later now and starts sliding his feet in the water. He looks at me and says its not slippery here how did you fall, i told him because of the oil. Of course he Deny's any oil being there, that's OK we have 8 or 9 drivers that witnessed the oil including another steward.

    I ask for medical treatment he than pulls me in the office and is pushing the door closed on other drivers. He than goes into you know we really cant have an injury, peak is here we need you to work! In shock i said i didn't ask to fall and get hurt but it is what it is and i would like to get medical attention.

    He has called the manager 3 or 4 times now with no answer from him, and finally i said please lets call it in to liberty mutual so i can be seen by a doctor. He wanted to fill out an accident investigation sheet first, now this is 30 minutes after i requested medical, i asked him to get somebody from management down here that could make a decision because it was obvious he couldn't. i than walked into the main office were the drivers that saw the slip were waiting for me to see how i was.

    They all say send him to the clinic what are you waiting for, so he than says come back into my office, i requested my partner steward to sit in as a witness. Now we are going back and forth again for another 20 plus minutes (About 50 minutes at this point) and he wouldn't allow me to call it in and wanted me to fill out paperwork before getting medical.

    I had had enough, i stood up and told him i was going to the emergency room and i walked out of the office. as I'm getting into my car my manager who was tied up called me and wanted me to ride with this same sup to the clinic, i denied. I agree to go to the clinic as long as another sup drove me or i could drive myself, so i drove.

    Now everyone on here knows that i am a steward and even this sup knows i am a steward and if he tried to pull this scam of intimidating me into not reporting my injury how many others has he done this to?

    I believe this sup was way out of line and obviously was only worried about the injury quota! I'm a human being that has rights as an American and i refuse to allow you to treat me as a number or a piece of meat!

    He should be stripped of his title and sent to india to monitor a call center!
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    How ever did you type all of this with that hurt wrist? If you were really injured, why aren't you resting as I'm sure the Dr ordered? Why can't you be like all the other people and use the metal grating to walk on?

    Just pulling your chain, 705. Hope you get the care you need and all healed up quick. That supe needs to be brought down a peg or two, as well.

    God Bless America!
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    Steve Im so :censored2: off right now at how i was treated i had to get this online tonight so my wife did the typing. She was not happy in doing so she said i am causing trouble that might get someone fired i said thats the plan!!!!!!!

    As to the quack doctor that is in ups's pocket he said its a bruise, yet he has me in a splint that i can barely move in and has giving me a 25lb weight rest.

    I will be contacting a real doctor tomorow, this was typed by me.
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    As a former comp victim, I say, be careful. Get a good Dr, get healthy and make it so that damn supe never behaves that way again. Been through that mess, too.

    God Bless America!
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    glad 2 see u are going 2 go to your own doctor. i hope it all works out for u

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Your on-car sounds like the one we have here, just a heartless corporate minion who can't make a decision if his life depended on it. Don't take that slip and fall lightly, you may have hip discomfort down the road. You're doing the right thing by getting a second opinion.

    Just don't get how UPS treat us the moment you get injured. What do they gain by making us jump through hoops?
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    Thats a pretty mean thing to the Indians.
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    What did the doctor say?

    He probably said since you can type you can lift and load continuosly all day long for 10 hours straight with no problems!
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    I hope you're well soon and not injured to seriously. UPS sometimes seems to forget that none of us want to be injured, out of work and in pain. The amazing thing to me is that a sup would try to put the squeeze on a shop steward with 705's experience! A lesson for the rest of us... you have to be adamant about your rights when you are injured. Get witnesses and insist on medical treatment. Also, if you don't agree with the upsdocinthebox... ask for a specialist... not just a second opinion from a different upsdocinadifferentbox.

    They keep pulling this crap yet it never ceases to amaze me.
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    Red, I think you should call the Ethics Hotline and report how this supervisor intentionally delayed your getting medical attention.
    It is unacceptable.
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    In this instance Red you should not have driven yourself because you could have hit your head and not known it. You could have blacked out and crashed on your way. Also you should see an Orthopedic specialist as their decision will override any general practitioner UPS sends you to. I would certainly do something about your denied requests for medical attention.
    Plus if you would ever get your butt to feeder you would build up that natural layer of protective padding which would have prevented this injury.
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    I'm suprised you spoke with that dweeb as long as you did, I would have walked out on him in 10 min .....leave it to the monday morning QB to tell you where you should have been be walking!!!!!!! Get well soon we guttah have yah in here!!!
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    Remember your 5 keys to reducing slips and falls.:smart:

    In all seriousness, I hope you are ok. It is really a shame to hear how you were treated by your management.
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    Hey red sorry to hear you were treated so badly and I know Hayden was kidding but the 5 keys don't apply here as the floor sounds like it was already a safety hazard.
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    Well today the injury accident form was reviewed with me and of course i am to blame for this slip. It was documented that i was wearing improper footwear, i personally do not call $130 danner military boots improper but what do i know I'm just a stupid truck driver.

    Of course i was not allowed to add anything to this report and i was able to do more of an investigation than the company. The pcm even was directed towards me, (without using my name) for not being aware of my surroundings. So this is two things that i have done wrong in ups's eyes.

    However in an attempt to cut overtime in our porter department it was revealed that the floors have not been washed in two weeks. We have a big Zamboni that brushes the floor with soap and water to you know, clean away the oils spills that the trucks leak.

    So i informed the safety sup and she looked into it and came back and confirmed what i said was right. Of course it is I do not lie! But of course this is still my fault, so i have several grievances being filed so that we have documented proof as in the plant engineering creating an unsafe work environment, my on car for intimidation in trying not to have me report this injury and also for refusing to get me medical attention.

    Its amazing that they can fire a manager and an on car for allegedly not reporting an accident last week, but condone this sup for treating me like this.

    i posted this on here so this could be fixed and resolved last night and today this sup was running my center in place of my manager, so he has been rewarded for being a scum bag! If i do not see any action taken by the time i leave at 1245pm to go to my doctors appointment i will be calling corporate and filing charges against him!
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    When I got injured, (ankle sprain) the meeting right after the break a couple of days later, a union guy, who I suppose is considered the "health go-to man" said "33 percent of our injuries this month (one. being me.) has been ankle. They were not wearing ankle-supporting boots."

    I told him right after that meeting that I was in fact wearing tall boots. He then said "Well you didn't lace them up."

    I couldn't believe it.

    Hope all works out for you.
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    We have the same problem in my building. Every morning when I walk in, whoever checks the oil in the package cars has oil spills on the floor and they don't clean it up. The floor is especially slippery when it rains, water on that polished concrete floor is dangerous anytime.

    705red, I hope you heal fast, its ridiculous the way that supervisor treated you. I would have got the phone number for the insurance company off the wall and called it in on the spot. I got a dog bite one day and when I got back to my Center, none of the supes were in the office. So I just picked up the phone and called Liberty Mutual like I am supposed to. The Supe that was supposed to be there got all bent out of shape over that, I got hounded for a long time with safety crap. The company likes to preach safety, but they don't want to pay our carwash to clean windshields or clean up spilled oil off the floor.
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    Find a comp attorney now. Sounds like they might be preparing to fight you. Better to have someone standing by then trying to play catch up. Just my 2cents. Hope you feel better good luck.:peaceful: