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    Just wondering if anyone knows what happens if the doctor places a perm. restriction on you. If that restriction wont let me drive, will they have to find me another job to do.

    I will give you the history now instead of later. In Oct. of 06 I hurt my back on route. I had a ruptured disk in my lower back. It required surgery to fix. On Nov. 18th of 2009 I had the same injury, and it will require surgery as well. The surgeon does not want me to go back to delivering pkgs. What are my options? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Read National Master Agreement articles 14, 16, 20, 34, and 36.

    Also check your regional Supplement for similar language.

    Visit your state Worker's Compensation website, and the federal ADA website.

    Knowledge is power.
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    a couple of things would be good to know in your case. like how many years have you been delivering?

    as a driver that ended up canning a knee, and because the center manager ignored the doctors recommendations, tore up the other knee on taw, after three surgeries, the company doc, with the ups "industrial rehab nurse", disqualified me from ever driving again for ups.

    she thought she would sucker him to ok me back to work by giving him a feeder driver work responsibility checklist, but he saw through that in a heartbeat. but he even disqualified me from feeders as well, saying that the strain on the knees would be far too great.

    that basically put me in no mans land. couldnt work as a driver, but ups did not have any jobs open that i could bid into.

    as a result of being a union shop, ups was barred from creating a position as they had done in the past. you see, any job they "created" would become a permanent job after 30 days, and as such would be open to the bid process once a year. so technically, someone with more seniority than me could bid on that job after the first 30 days, rendering the reason for that job mute.

    as it was, the ba informed me that the local had a provision that had been passed a few months before that allowed a driver to retire early by paying the contributions for the last year, and get out.

    basically, if you have 29 years in, and you want out with the 30 year pension, you could buy out your last year, and retire early.

    but in the case of an disabling injury, you could buy out up to three years. which is what we did in my case. it cost me almost 80 grand to do so, but that was the only real alternative.

    my best suggestion to you would be go see a lawyer. in many cases, the extra little bit they win, is the amount that you would pay them anyway. but the hassle of having to deal with the insurance company, sups etc, its just a better way of dealing with it. it also keeps some over eager sup/insurance claims adjuster from walking all over your rights.

    in most cases they wont make you any more money, but they should not cost you any either.

    one last thing
    that surgeon needs to comunicate that with the company docs. nothing worse that a specialist that says you cant, and a doc in the box saying no problem. a lawyer will also help with this.

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    Add both Jon's and Danny's advice and go with that.
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    Sounds like the buyout option might be right for you. We had a couple of drivers in our center do that and they are happier for it.
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    Couldn't you just get a reduced monthly pension and start collecting your social security early due to the disability?
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    if you are a hard working stiff, and get injured to where you cant do your job anymore, to be able to draw disability, you have to show you cant even be a clerk at the 7-11.

    i doubt seriously if he has a snowballs chance in hell.

    what i would like to know is how all those that do got on the free money train. we had one woman here on disability, but yet made 5 million in one year selling dogs.

    go figure.

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    We had a driver who hurt her back in the first few years of driving. UPS paid for her school. After she graduates she will then separate from the company
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    Did you have a micro diskectomy? Is this new injury to a different disk?

    I had surgery 14 years ago on L5 disk and recieved a settlement from the company.

    Did you sign anything to recieve a settlement from your previous injury?