Hypnosis and mind control in our workplace?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Irishman Collins, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Irishman Collins

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    Has it ever occurred to anyone that U.P.S is using hypnosis and mind control to alter our behavior, specifically when it comes to safety and production issues? Example, repetitive suggestion is a way to control our subconscious thoughts. Why do u think everything in p.c.m. morning meetings is repetitive such as safety tips, ( 10 point commentary, 5 seeing habits, etc.)? It is an attempt to keep safety in your subconscious thoughts. You may think, so what who cares but controlling ones subconscious thoughts creates a distortion and lack of focus on issues outside of work and makes it hard to relax in your subconscious mind. I look forward to your responses but do me a favor and research the topic a little before you post and I think you will understand that what I am saying is not outside the realm of possibility.
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    If a person is mentally weak they will fall into their mind trap. That's what they want, to control every aspect of your life. Its like all these guys that go to bed super early because UPS has mentally manipulated them into thinking they need more sleep than what they really need. How fun is it to get home at 8 or 9 n go to bed at 10pm? That's what you call falling into their mind trap. Its like you work get home and go right to bed, your already mentally defeated with that game and have absolutely no life during the week. That's what they want they've won and you don't even realize it. Im not falling into that trap, don't matter what time I get home im still going to do what I want to do and don't care what time I get to sleep. Worst case scenario, your a little tired in the morning but once you get to that first stop and get that couple minute ZEN stretch for your mind and body, its on like Donkey Kong lol.
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    Someone posted that UPS uses a certain management method that some Asian country uses. They posted a link on it and it was an interesting read. Maybe someone remembers what I'm talking about and can post it.
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    Do you think it is a bad thing to have safety on our mind when not "thinking" about it? I think it is a good thing if we are subconsciously working safe, that means we've made it . Our minds are processing a lot of things subconsciously, one more thing won't kill me.

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    My foil hat protects me from all that.
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    I'd be embarrassed to say I'm a member of TDU
  8. Irishman Collins

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    Upschuck think beyond the box, research mind control and the negative impacts on ones subconscious mind. You are not constantly bombarded with suggestive thoughts in any other aspect of your life. Remember Patty Hurst? It is the same sort of thing. Constantly being bombarded with suggestive thoughts creates anxiety and stress. It is the same thing that dictators do to their people.
  9. Irishman Collins

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    What does T.D.U. have to do with whether U.P.S. uses mind control on their employees or not? Honestly, it's just the kind of response I would expect from someone who is mind manipulated to hate an organization that provides checks and balances for an organization that lately needs T.D.U more than ever to continue to watch over their wrong doings.
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  10. upschuck

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    Personally, I think that we are bombarded by way more harmful things, more constantly, than working safely as instructed by UPS. What about all the standards that Madison Ave puts in our minds that harms our outlook and self esteem. I think that causes far more anxiety and stress than being safe.
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    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    I had a marketing course back in my college days. Marketing boils down to making people believe they need :censored2: they really don't. This whole basic deception put me off marketing as a field in general. Industrial manipulation at it's core.:greedy:
    At the same time, it has helped me make a good living facilitating the transportation of those unneeded things. I'm feeling conflicted.:knockedout:
  12. Irishman Collins

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    Again you miss the point. It's not the subject matter that is the issue. It is that they are attempting to control our subconscious minds and I for one don't think that is a tactic that any employer should be using on it's employees regardless of the issue. Reward and punishment is a way to cause distress and anxiety therefore giving the company control over your sub conscience mind. Example, the safety test they make us take with the threat of discipline and the reward of giving gifts for safe driving. The subconscious stress and anxiety opens the door for suggestive thoughts
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...or could it be that safe driving saves the company money and as such should be rewarded...
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  14. Irishman Collins

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    I am all for the company making more money. It is the tactics they use that are questionable in my mind. I have studied and read many books on the mind and how it can be manipulated in highscool and college. It is a subject I have always found interesting. I can tell you that the company's management techniques are text book on mind control. Again, don't take my word, do some research on the subject is all I ask. It just might wake you up out of a trance.
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    I have my alarm set for May 2019.
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    January, 2017.
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    Every company since the beginning of man has used "mind control" techniques, saying how to do things, how good their products or services are, what you can and cannot do with competitors products or services through this technique. It is called training and re-enforcement.
  20. Irishman Collins

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    That is why you are so easily manipulated. Our company continually bombardes you with repetitive suggestions. I have worked for many company's and none used repetitive suggestion like ours, none.