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    Anyone else here get a thing from your supervisor saying that you need to do a I-9 verification, and do it on your own time. Its not the I-9 re-verification that bothers me, its the fact ups wants us to go out of our way on our own time to do this when simply they could set up a time during our sort time to fill it out and show our documents. I'll be greaving anytime spent doing this and I hope others will too. This company thinks they can get away with anything.
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    Grieve all you like, you will just be wasting your time and paper. The guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security regarding the I-9 verfications are very clear and you WILL NOT be paid for your time completing it. This re-verification process is larger than UPS or the Teamsters. All companies that have any type of contracts or sub-contracts with the Feds will have to re-verify the I-9s for their employees as well. Oh, btw, the consequences for not completing the I-9 will lead to termination.
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    What is the I-9?
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    Immigration 9. Its a new requirement for all US employers that hold government contracts. Each employee hired after 1986 must verify their identity and citizenship status with 2 of the following; birth cert, us passport, drivers license, soc sec card.
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    Not worth filing a grievance for the 3 minutes it takes to do this
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    They have our SS#, why do they need anything else? It seems that all the information that is needed UPS already has.

    I also don't like the way this was handled. "Do this or you are terminated". Pretty standard UPS bullying but it gets old after a while. If this is so important, why not allow everyone the 3 minutes it takes to do it on the clock? We can write letters to our senators, take a sort test every week for 15 years in a sort that rarely changes, and now do that stupid 8 keys to lifting/5 keys to preventing slips and falls crap every 2 weeks, but for something really important, UPS can't be bothered to help us out? Even as a good will gesture? Such a joke.

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    Do we have to go to a government agent to get this done?

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Listen here ******. Don't do it. Actually refuse to do it. Please
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    I just filled out the information on upsers.com. It took less than a minute.

    I'm under the impression that now I need to provide documents to a live person to finish the process. I just put my soc sec card in my wallet so I'm set to go.
  10. cosmo1

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    At our PCM this morning, we were given copies of the screenshot of the on-line form to fill out. No proof of ID required and we were paid.
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    That is only Part 1. This information will be verified and you will be asked to show two forms of ID to complete the I-9.
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    If I am correct the I9 is for all employees hired after January 1st of this year. UPS might have volunteered all employees hired after 86 into the equation. Without addressing this with the Teamsters. Lets see what the IBT has to say on this.
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    you will be a prime candidate for identity theft.

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    Your wrong the I9 form is for anyone hired betweem 1987 and 2007. The IBT doens't have a say. If the employees don't fill it out, they won't have a job... It's the freaking department of Homeland Security, it has nothing to do with the IBT or UPS. Neither party have a say in this matter.
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    If you are hired in between some time in 1987 (im not sure the exact date) to january 1st of 2008 then you have to do it. If you were hired after january 1st 08 you dont have to do it
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    Then don't do it...

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Don't do it.. You are right... Let me know how that goes for you. Some companies do not even permit employees on property without a current I9. It's not do it or you're terminated, it's do it or the government will not let you work here anymore.
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    I wonder what if you were hired in the 70's? :anxious:
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    Never heard of it here.:happy2:
  20. companal2

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    The exact dates for employees (management, administrative, and teamsters alike) who will have to complete this form are all U.S. employees hired after November 6, 1986, and prior to January 1, 2008. Please visit www.upsers.com and read the frequently asked questions regarding this process.