I bid you adieu

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  1. This is goodbye. The end. I am retiring from FedEx. I will unveil my identity just a pinch. I am a former courier and current SM. I am leaving my job after 15 years. I am also leaving this forum. Mr. Fed Ex, I will miss your satirical letters. I feel we have become close friends, like the way the old men in the movie Grumpy Old Men are friends. BBSam, I will miss the way you justify low wages and exploitation by calling it capitalism. MaineGroundDriver, I will miss your naiveté and reading your clueless posts. It is time I told the world about us. MGD and I are actually gay lovers. I will miss you all dearly.

    My retirement is effect August 15th. I have been accepted on the show Biggest Loser. I will make FedEx proud. My goal is to be the first cast member to lose 200 pounds and get back to that size 28 waist I had my 5th year of high school. Keep me in your thoughts. Look for me on the show.

    Good bye my friends.
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    Good luck with the size 28 waist.
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    The OP was not nearly dramatic enough in his "goodbye forever" post. We are used to much more here on Brown Cafe.

    Please go here for an example of a proper drama filled goodbye forever post.
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    Good luck.
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    ​Let me guess, is this the link to Dave quitting for the second time?
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    Glad to see you taking weight seriously for a change.
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    Loving this thread. Great stuff.