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  1. Today I was helping out because we had someone call in (day after the 4th, to be expected) and my supe wasn't able to cover it by herself because she wasn't feeling well. So I doing my 4 cars and helping her do her pull too (i know supes aren't supposed to be working I don't need a lecture). I wrapped my 4 and her pull and I thought they'd be appreciative, I know she was, but just her because as I'm walking down the line my manager goes "what time did you start?!?!" I yelled back 3:45 and it was 8:48, you'd think I'd killed someone. Nevermind the fact that I busted my ass all morning to load 7 cars just the fact that I'm 3 minutes over allowed....what a crock of sh_t. I've been 5 min or less over allowed all week loading 4 cars (covering for someone on vaca, NOT my trucks) that don't get hit til after break and today an additional 3 and the best you can say is you're over allowed!!! Yes over allowed has now spread to preloaders in a big way....I love it. :lol:

    Then he says its not my fault he was just stating....I was like you wrap 2 pulls more or less by yourself in under 5 tomorrow ok? Now he's going to lay into her for me being over 5hrs by 3 min....I just don't know what the hell management's plan is anymore. Just never satisfied...period. Guys (some drivers from my center read this) if you're wondering why you keep getting a messed up load, look to management (or management's management actually).

    On the plus side I'm getting something (and its not a t-shirt or a package car replica) for my perfect attendance for June... should be interesting.
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    Over and under on the preload too thats a new one on me. What critera do the use?
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    Congratulations on your perfect attendance.

    Your manager's comment is a knee jerk reaction to the working over 5 hours issue. You and your sup did what you had to do to get the cars loaded, with an unplanned absence.

    What a challenge and accomplishment to load 7 cars!!!
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    Boy, I hate people like you that work their a** off! In todays society where it's always, "What can America, What can my company, What can my family, What can the WORLD do for ME", I find it revolting that somebody will actually go out and help somebody else and try to make the machine run smoother!

    Now, QUIT it! :thumbup1: (notice the smile)
  5. basically if you hit OT you're over allowed haha

  6. Thanks chan, it was a challenge to say the least...to be honest it sucked:lol: 4 cars is a pain in itself. If the person who normally does it (I should have fixed my post) actually called in it'd have been different, but was it was a NCNS so we were stuck. I basically just did what I could until help arrived when the cages were getting a little heavy (happened a couple times). She's always helped me out in whatever way I needed it (my supe) so I figured this was a good time to return the favor.

    I haven't missed a day (other than planned ones such as personal or vaca) for a while now, its just they only recently started giving stuff away for it haha. :wink:
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    Its been years since our preload last wrapped up in under 5 hours...(ok maybe 5-10 days a year they do it in under 5 hours). Our building is much too small for how many routes we run.
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    7 cars!!! That IS good, as far as the over allowed, Yes it does go by over 5's but even more than that say your goal is 240 pph. you have 1,000 planned you are supposed to off the clock within 4.16 hours. Thats how its figured in our building of course in real life it does not go that way...
  9. see i pace myself for that very reason. Can I do 240+pph? sure if the flow is constant and the boxline doesn't stop, do I want them to know I can do it? absolutely not. They deny it all the time but the bottomline is they abuse the people that go the fastest (give them more work). I work my butt off to have a little break in the middle or at least to make the rest of my day easier...well back a year or so anyway, now it doesn't matter so much as we get absolutely annihilated anyway after break everyday.

    I have a question though though for you (since you're a supe) or chan (since she was management). Doesn't it go in seniority order? If I'm being sent home before someone else for the sole reason that I will be over 5 hrs, isn't that against the contract? My steward told me to just finish up your work, and when you're done, you're done. We don't have a no OT clause in the contract no matter what management says. I know I have more seniority than most people there (save for like 6 people and they leave early anyway). I'm not trying to start a mess I'm just curious if its legal for them to send me home before other lower seniority people for the sole reason I'm about to go "over 5."
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    File a grievance for your sup friend working for those 5 hours and see how the manager likes paying you an additional 5 hours of overtime! Or next time tell her to call in some drivers to do it, she should never do our work!
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    Nice job loading 7 cars now they will want to know why you can't do it everyday.
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    Red you must have inadvertently hit the reply button or I'm sure you would have also suggested that the manager fire the folks that were absent no call that day thus putting the sup in the situation of having to do the unions work.
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    Red , i think you missed this one.
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    Nevermind, I see where he changed his story later. I need to go to bed.
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    What happens to the guy who called in sick and ruined everything?

    Here in the UK if you dont show after a public holiday you are docked wages for the 2 days.
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    Call off. Maybe they will appreciate you next time.
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    Hey westside, wish you worked by me, you'd pick up my slack. :laugh:

    BS that they nailed you for a few minutes OT but that's the way they are. Management is so fragmented that the front end sometimes doesn't know what the backend is doing and he may not have understood the circumstances. Or maybe he's just an a-hole.

    It's my understanding that seniority should rule on overtime. If I see someone still working I have the right to go help. Now, some folks have a ten or fifteen minutes early or late start times so if the other folks don't yet have five hours they will get the work first. Make sense?

    As far as what you'll get for not missing work, don't plan on anything more than an inkpen or hat. Hope you get something much nicer but don't get your hopes up. You know how they are.. dw
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    old levi's I use to care... but things have changed

    Just curious. How long is awhile now? 30 days? 5 years?
  19. they were only concerned with the month of june but I haven't missed a day of work that wasn't scheduled off for over a 1 year (I use my sick days as an optional week of vaca so no I'm not wasting them :wink:). Granted I've only been there 2+ but still thats better than most in my center, sad as that is.
  20. you know I hate to admit it but I thought about doing that :w00t:

    I used to back aways. My FT would even come by when I'm getting royally screwed some days (and no one sent any help) and ask my "you going to be in tomorrow?" I found it amusing:lol: