I got a ride, what a clown.

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    Ok, I have a few questions, this looked like the best place to post it.

    I just got a recent warning because of my ride, now I have worked in my building for 19 years and I am one of the oldest standing seniors there.

    Day #1 - The ride told me to walk on the grass, gave me alot of bad information. I contacted my backstabbing union, ironic its like an alliance.

    Day #2 - I was told to move my truck while assorting packages so I could leave quicker, the ride told me to move, and then in the evening, I was being pushed by the ride, I exerted myself and I had a mini heat stroke, I felt numb and almost wanted to collapse I told my main building boss I wanted to take a nap on the grass outside. Their actions "Got me some water, wanted to bring me to a hospital, and told me they were driving me home." When this ride pushed me.

    Day #3 - I got called into the office for not listening to the supervisor/ride and was warned about it, and then I said to my main building boss. "I am going to follow the trace route" He said "No, you are no going to follow trace, that's an order"

    I then left, the ride was a total ******* and was a complete scum, he gave me all kinds of false information, almost made me die, and well wrote me up for doing my daily routine, like i have for the past 14 years as a successful United Parcel Service Driver

    What are my options as as driver is there anything I can do, or do I just have to take what I got?
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    I hope you were logging all this bad info for future reference when the up your stops per hour based on this 3 day ride.
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    I did, what can I do with such?
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    If you start to feel like that again, seek medical help immediately. Heat stroke is nothing to play games with. Don't let your management team tell you to "get some water and you'll be fine." They are not doctors; they don't know the first thing about heat stroke and don't care about your personal safety. You and only you are responsible for your own safety. Don't play games with heat stroke.

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    How in the world do you guys understand this poster. I really want to help but I need a translator.:peaceful:
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    If you died from heat stroke they would probably write you up for not drinking water as being direct too and send the letter in the mail to the next of kin......
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    Good one !!!!:funny:
    But they could even go further, and throw it in his grave........
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    what dont you people understand-DO WHATEVER THEY TELL YOU TO-write it all down...then grieve it -tell your steward on the side what is going on-and fix it...
  10. grgrcr88

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    The first thing you and all drivers should do is learn the 340 methods inside out. If and when a Sup tells you to do something that is contrary to the 340 methods, ask him/her to give that to you in writing, signed and dated. Keep that with you so if you are ever written up in the future for doing what you were told to do you can pull it out and prove you are working as instructed. My guess is that you will not get it in writing, so if that happens ask if they are instructing you to disobey the methods, and show them the method from the manual. Ask again after that if they still want you to do it differently, if yes tell them you would feel much better about it if they put it in writing, if they still refuse ask why its such a big deal to put it in writing, if thats the way your supposed to do it. I would guess the sup will change his tune if you have the ammo to prove him wrong. Now be aware you do not have the right to refuse to do something a sup tells you. unless its illigal,imoral, or unsafe. But you can question the instruction. If it is not answered to your satisfaction then notate it(on your own time) get a steward when you get back to the building and the 4 of you go see the center manager, or better yet the D/M and pose the same questions to them, find out if the instruction in question is a new policy, if so you would like it in writing.

    As for the heat issues, giving you water and getting you to the hospital is what they are supposed to do. I don't know of anyone that thinks it a good idea to let someone go take a nap in the grass when in that condition.

    Not sure how you move the truck while sorting packages. I have to assume you mean that the sup was in the back while you were driving. That is something you can and should refuse, it is not safe and you should tell him the vehicle does not move until he is in the seat with seatbelt fastened. Also, if the sup was assisting you in anyway, touching packages, holding doors, any little thing that day cannot be used in the measurement of a fair days pay. You cannot use that day in a 3 day certification, I would also file a grievance for supervisor working and try to get double pay for all the time he worked. Handling packages is not their job.

    The following trace or not following trace issue is nothing you can fight. You must work as instructed. However I would also ask for that in writing and for the trace to be adjusted to the way they want you to run it.
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    +1 I was as or more lost than you it gave me a headache.
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    19 yrs and your one of the highest senior drivers,,!!!???? sweet,,here in the south we have broke,corrupt, useless, crime-ridden, garbage Central States,, we have 35 yr drivers who cant afford to retire....GO TEAMSTERS
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    As funny as this sounds it would not surprise me one bit if they were riding in the back going through the load while the driver was driving down the road...***. Should have taken them down the biggest pothole rutted street you could have found...then called the 1800 number on their ass...if this did happen(which at this point who knows)is a major safety violation.
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    A friend was doing an ojs ride one time with a guy who claimed he was heat stroke and dropped to the grass in a customers front lawn.

    Concerned supervisor then says are you ok do you need some water?

    driver says oh my I can't stand , the heat is bothering me . i am so light headed. I need some water. Supervisor then immediately rushed to side of customers house and grabbed the hose.

    driver see's supervisor with hose in hand headed his way and has miraculous recovery. Immediately gets up and runs out of range before the supervisor can hose hime down.
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    Thats funny right there, I don't care who you are.
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    Maybe if those drivers were smarter with their money, instead of buying big trucks, boats, fancy cars and motorcycles and shallow luxury items like that, they'd be able to retire.
  18. UnsurePost

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    It'd be funnier if it were true.

    Grgrcr88, can you please look into the thread on short-term disability and answer the question that Tieguy is dodging?
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    someones having a hissy fit. Here honey let me wipe that tear off your face.
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    I think you might want to blame the driver for not planning for retirement not the union.