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    I am still new but a common theme i see everyday are disgruntled employees. Seems the work hours are killing some of the older guys. I am younger so it sucks but right now i just suck it up but to think of me doing this for 30 years is an eye opener. Has it always been like this? Is the union doing anything about it? Sure the money seems to be good but after a while i am sure most realize money isn't everything.
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    It started after the company went public. The only way to stop it is for the company to go back to private. If you look at the history of the company, you will notice when Jim Casey was here, the company was privately held by the employees, mainly. When that stopped, the problems started. I'm not even get into what the union can do because that is a very tough call.
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    Can you explain briefly?

    I like understand things like this/being informed.
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    I have a day off tomorrow and the boss tried to beg me to come in. Couple guys got hurt and we are short drivers. Sorry, I'm in no mood to do you guys any favors. It's called karma.
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    Are the guys gonna be ok? Hope so.

    On a lighter note, karma is a bitch. :winks:
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    I feel for the drivers that go out heavy but like I told the boss, we go out heavy when 4 guys are on call. They made the choice not to train part timers as cover drivers for single vacation days and it's biting them in the butt.
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    Post #5.......
    you might add that the IPO was designed to benefit two groups of people:
    1) the children, family and associates of the founding fathers who were/are already quite wealthy and;
    2) the already millionaires in management and retired management who "hypo ed" everything they own to acquire stock.

    The IPO was not meant to benefit the hourly worker who has $20-$30 deducted from his check each week to buy stock.
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    We had several drivers do quite well during the IPO as they were able to use the money in their Thrift Plans to purchase stock.
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    This job has always been tough. I just choose to be tougher.

    When I was on the preload 25 years ago we used to have new hires quit by the first break. We had drivers quit on route because of the pressure of going out blind on routes they couldn't finish.

    In some ways technology has made the job easier. GPS, PAS/EDD have all helped. They can more accurately dispatch with these tools and it helps trace the route for new drivers.

    I remember showing up in the morning with a handful of maps and a bulked out truck and asking the preloader, " how many stops do I have?". Only to have him answer " a lot, I quit counting during the last trailer."

    That being said UPS management has really taken these tools and used them to micro manage the employees. That has changed for the worse.

    We are no longer empowered to make decisions that make sense because it will show up on a report somewhere.
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    DIAD was the begining of the end !! Hey new tool to make your job easier !! There wont be any added stops !!lol
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    I disagree--the DIAD, along with PAS/EDD, has made me a much more efficient driver; however, I do agree with the last part as I am doing 10-20 more stops per day.
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    It just seems like 85% of the drivers are :censored2: everyday. Figured the union would step in at some point. Do you guys ever have union meetings for drives to be heard?
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    Before I went into package, I asked one of the drivers what it was like. Because I had heard package was very difficult. He said "it gets easier, but it's always hard".
    UPS management had a reputation of being tough but fair. And 30 years ago, I found this, indeed, to be a very true assessment of management.
    However now, the present UPS management philosphy has changed to "tough and unfair". It has been a very gradual shift, taking many years. But we have arrived.
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    Sometimes they wouldn't even tell anyone they were leaving. Just a pair of red tail lights disappearing into the darkness. I was 31 the first night I crawled into a trailer to unload it; working alongside 18 year old kids.
    Back in the day when management would complain about the high turnover, I always told them "Hire someone with a family and a mortgage if you want them to stay".
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    I was 35 in the feeder with an 18 yr old. I tried to quit after my third day. Covered, covered in bruises. Bruises on top of bruises. Called and spoke with our famous mechanic. Preload sup called at 9AM. Pleaded to stay until they could hire someone else. I guess they never hired someone else. :winks:
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    Hoffa=Negligent Misrepresentation when it comes to some issues at UPS. Such as Production where in the contract does it say I have to sort 900 PPH?
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    Im so new i don't even know what a "900 PPH" is. lol