i love my no union job at Fed_ex

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    my name is Cletus Dumas and I reely love my job working for mr Smith here at Fedex. he cars alot about us and only gives his best for us at all times because he cares :censored2: bunch

    Just this last year he got rid of our very bad retirment plan and gave us a reely good one called the ppp. Sum peeple with bad attitoods did not like it one bit, but you know what? i say the heck with them becasue they should thank god they have a job in this reely bad economy. Fred loves us a lot and he wants to keep those bad union thugs out becasue all they want is our money!!! Rush limbaugh and Glen beck and shawn Hanity all sya the same things and becasue they love the military and god and all things American, wel they are RIGHT ON!!

    Go, Fred, Go, and god bless Ameriaca and keep out those commie unions and let us be good free Ameriacns who love freedom and don't like those bad people who wnat to make Fred smith change our great company!!!

    He is the double gretest and he desrves to keep all of those billions of dollars becasue he is an example of our great free entrprise system.

    Have a great day and god loves you and he reely lovesw fred Smith because he is a greta American hero.:happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very::happy-very:
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    I came here all primed for a fight. Love you Cletus!
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    I think were related? My mamma told me that my pappa and sis had a child named cletus and he was doin well at fedex
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    That are me!!! Daddy and sis broke-up and she done gon and married my unkle.she was an old maid pushing 13. Fedex wants to muv me on up too managment but they sayed Im way to smart for them.

    Freds my hero. i keep hoping he wins against those bad teamsters who are against great americans like mr Smith. whenever he cuts my pay and hours or maks me take a three hour brake i dont mind one single bit becasue hes fighting the good fight for capitlists and freedom everywhere. god bless him. Every day i go to Fedex i kiss the ground and say thank you fred for giving me such a grate job and saving me from the commies who want to pay me mor money and giv me mor benfits so i can buy a jacked-up pinto with cragar wheels and big dragster slik tires.

    why dont you get rid of that commie leftist union that lets you mak 75000 dolars a year? god bless america and fred smith and Republikans and please by Boing jets becasue they are maid in america and not by commies in france.
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    Why are you working for UPS and not Fedex then?
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    We are paid like crap and treated just as bad. I guess I should ask you if you've been drinking instead. "Cletus" is a hypothetical brain-dead FedEx employee who still drinks the Kool-Aid because he's too stupid to figure the scam out.
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    Oh. That explains the difference in how much FDX and UPS ship in a day...
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    I've heard UPS described many different ways, but "rinky-dink???" I do my share of bitching about brown, but it's kinda like when you are kids. I can fight with my brother, but if you do, you had to fight both of us. As far as fedex being "better" I think I'll take the $$$$ at UPS. How's that overnight volume doing at fedex. Around here most of your guys are sitting around with their thumbs up their fred.
  10. MrFedEx

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    OK, but I still get the feeling you have not been around the current version of FedEx. It stinks, and most of us are either hanging on to get to retirement or are there because there isn't much else in today's economy.

    Pretend you're an orange. A machine squeezes all of the juice possible from you. A second machine takes the left-over rinds and seeds and squeezes them too. Then a third machine grinds the whole mess up and then transfers you back to the original machine, which still thinks you're an intact and original orange. That is the FedEx of today.
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    Island girl is a little grumpy! And you have to understand its not her fault! She married a fedex driver! we all know that it takes 3 fedex drivers to do what ONE ups driver can!
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    Well said 705. Talked to a FED driver on my route once. Asked how many stops he had. Answer:40 I had 140. That equals OVERTIME. 'Don't get mad, get money"
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    And therein lies their whole problem. Why does UPS dictate that less drivers on road = more profitsssss and FDX says the more the merrier?
  14. MrFedEx

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    I've got drivers at my station who cover the same geographical territory as 4 UPS drivers. Plus they have a 20 mile stem just to get to their route. Simply comparing stop and package counts will always put a UPS driver ahead in "productivity". Yes, you generally work harder, but if our guy is running 20 square miles and your 4 people have 5 square mile territories, it isn't an accurate comparison. Do the math.
  15. New Englander

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    My god dude.....how many times must we go over this?

    Your NOT running all that many more miles then a UPS driver. We travel on a heck of a lot MORE roads then you guys do. Thats a fact. I covered the most EXTENDED route out of EENA. That route covered the area of 4 UPS drivers now.

    Guess what? I averaged 50 to 60 miles more then the furthest out guy from UPS does now....in that same area. I had from EENA 32 more miles total (round trip) getting from EENA to the same area as the UPS driver. He is in a standard diesel P1000. I was in an automatic 4X4 Ford Econoline (now F150's).

    so an average day for me was 200 miles. For him? 155 miles. He does 80-90 delivery stops for over 200 pieces. I would do for EENA 40-50 for under 100 pieces.

    In a much faster accelerating, smaller turning radius 4 wheel drive vehicle.

    The miles comparison can be completely thrown out the window.

    You guys absolutely do not work anywhere near the same pace we do. Day in and day out. We are dealing with much more bulk and stops then Express. It's not even close.

    You have never worked for UPS, so what do you have to base this on? Absolutely nothing. I've worked for both sides. Don't even give me the crap that it has changed. I was there during the strike and the roll out of Express Saver (the only time Express "bulked" up) Even those days are nothing compared to the average UPS day. I never had containment issues.

    Heck....it's gotten so bad, yet you don't want to believe me when I say my FedEx friends were forced on split shift/lag schedules because volume wasn't there to keep them busy till pick ups. Crap....sometimes I feel like if I want to get home before 8pm I can't take my lunch.

    When I left EENA they were moving into a brand new state of the art building, built from the ground up for them. Guess what?

    That building is going to be vacated as EENA has been disolved. Not enough volume to sustain the building. 10 years and it's over. It's so bad that the extra hour to two hour commute time it will take some of these area's to be covered from the surrounding Express centers isn't even much of a concern. Except they will be pulling from the area's earlier on pick up times.

    So untill you work both sides.....stop trying to defend how "hard" you job is. Heck my job is "easy" yours is much "easier".
  16. jimstud

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    boy mr purple you are so right mr smith is the salt of the earth that is why you nonunion scabs are getting such great raises this year while fred is taking a pay cut
  17. MrFedEx

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    Whatever. You can distort whatever I said however you wish. Please notice that I did acknowledge that UPS drivers generally work harder, OK? Also, you've been gone from Fred's funhouse for awhile, so your input needs to be evaluated from a non-current perspective.

    The quote above means nothing. Maybe your area is "easy". The UPS guys in my area bust their butts every single day. I have never said UPS is "easier", nor ever made allusions along those lines.

    And I have worked for UPS before, as a peak feeder driver and on package cars, so I do know something about the job.

    Here's my point, and I'll spell it out for you and italicize it so you can understand it. Given the pay and benefits disparity between the 2 jobs (package car driver vs. FedEx courier), the differences are not that great if you consider all factors involved. That means that UPS drivers do work harder (in general), but relative to overall compensation, there is not that much difference in the jobs.
    Here is a another version so you can grasp it. FedEx drivers are underpaid relative to their counterparts at UPS. Your work is not worth the 10-12 dollars (or more, counting retirement and other benefits) premium received over and above the pittance we receive here at FedEx.
    Do I need to get flashcards now, or do you finally understand what I'm trying to say?
  18. New Englander

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    They are not scabs, do you even understand that term?

    They were never union to begin with.
  19. MrFedEx

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    A scab is a replacement for a union worker. Since we are not union, how could we be "scabs"? Nobody has said anything about pay raises and no decisions will be made until June 1st anyway. If we got any sort of raise, it would be peanuts at best. Smith is worth billions, he makes about $10 million a year, and he has a pension plan that is already worth $26 million. and he takes a pay cut. BFD....he's really feeling some pain there, isn't he?

    We've been cut about 15% in pay just this year if you calculate the loss of our pension plan and the end of the 401k match. Couple that with hours-cutting and a lot of us are just scratching by. Check your facts. Smith is a chiseling Snidely Whiplash with pockets full of cash for politicians who will do his dirty work. You inserted the wrong word...he's the scum of the earth, not the salt of the earth.
  20. jimstud

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    i know what a scab is i was just using this forum to bust the balls of one of my good friends who just happens to be a fedex driver who quit upenis to join fedex. you don't have to wait till june 1st .you are not getting any raises this year and this is from a very good source.